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9 Perfect Baby Crochet Patterns You Must Try

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Is there anything more precious than a new baby? I love adding a new little one to our family.  We thought we would give you some of our favorite baby crochet patterns we have made and found. 

If you haven’t made it yet, we always look at the reviews to make sure the pattern is easy to follow and that it would make a great gift for a new baby or for your own baby.

Don’t forget to look at the pattern. You can always make a color change with yarn color if you need to make something for a different baby sex. 

All of these patterns make a great baby shower gift, or keep it for your new bundle of joy. so without further chitchatting, here are our favorite baby crochet patterns.

Supplies For Baby Crochet Patterns

Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern

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Download Pattern

Crochet Skill Levels

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Looking for a charming and adorable crochet project? This crochet teddy bear pattern from Etsy is the perfect choice. With this pattern, you can create your very own crochet teddy bear, making it a great option for personalized gifts, baby keepsakes, or even as cute decor.

The finished product measures approximately 10 inches in length, but this can vary depending on the yarn weight and crochet hook size you choose.

This easy pattern is designed to be easy to follow and is suitable for those with basic crochet knowledge.

It covers essential techniques, including crocheting in rounds, single crochet, increasing, and decreasing, making it a fantastic project for both beginners and experienced crocheters alike.

Crochet Baby Outfit

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Download Baby Crochet Patterns

Crochet Skill Levels:

  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate

 If you’re searching for a delightful crochet project for baby girls, this “Baby Girl’s Pretty Jacket, Hat, & Blanket” pattern from Etsy is a charming choice. The pattern allows you to create a lovely set in pink or different colors if you prefer, suitable for babies from 0-3 months to 18 months so definitely various sizes. 

It’s a great choice because it includes instructions for crocheting a jacket, hat, and blanket, making it an ideal ensemble for keeping your little one cozy and stylish.

This PDF crochet pattern provides you with detailed instructions and stitch diagrams, making it accessible for crocheters of various skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, you can craft an adorable and practical outfit for a baby girl with this pattern. It makes the perfect gift for a baby shower for the new parents. 

Crochet Baby Rattle Pattern

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Download Baby Crochet Patterns

Crochet Skill Levels:

  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate

Are you on the hunt for adorable and interactive crochet projects for babies? Look no further! These crochet rattle patterns, available on Etsy, allow you to create charming baby rattles in the form of a dog and a kitten. These patterns are versatile and come with instructions in both French and English (US terminology).

Please note that these are PDF files containing detailed instructions for making these rattles, not the finished products.

Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an instant download link via email or directly in your Etsy account. This download includes four PDF documents (two in French and two in English), each with extensive guidance and 30 and 25 photos to assist you at every step of the rattle-making process.

The pattern is designed to be suitable for crocheters with beginner to intermediate skills who are familiar with working in the round (magic circle) and in rows. The required crochet stitches include chain, slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, double double crochet, increase, and decrease.

To complete these delightful baby rattles, you’ll need materials such as category #2 thread (100% cotton), a 2.5 mm hook, a 7 cm wooden ring, black, green, pink, and white embroidery thread, a yarn needle, scissors, a stitch marker, and polyester filling.

The finished rattles will measure approximately 13 cm in total height (including the head and ring).

Crochet Giraffe Pattern

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Download Baby Crochet Patterns

Crochet Skill Levels:

  • Advanced Beginner
  • Intermediate

George the giraffe is so sweet. He makes adorable baby gifts so consider making your very own George the Giraffe with this delightful pattern available on Etsy. Please note that this pattern requires basic crocheting skills.

The pattern provides detailed instructions on how to create a charming crochet giraffe, complete with accompanying photographs for visual guidance.

The finished giraffe measures approximately 3 inches in width and 6.5 inches in height, making it a perfect addition to your amigurumi collection.

This pattern is available in English, and it uses a straightforward set of crochet stitches and methods, including basic crochet stitches like: Single crochet (Sc), Half double crochet stitches (Hdc), Slip stitch (Sl St), Invisible decrease (Inv dec), Stitches (Sts), Increase (Inc), and Chain (Ch).

To bring George to life, you’ll need a selection of cotton yarn colors, including yellow, dark brown, light brown, and white. While the pattern suggests using Paint Box Simply Aran, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred yarn brand. 

Additional materials include a 3.5mm crochet hook, 6mm safety eyes, a yarn needle, scissors, polyester stuffing, a stitch marker, and black and brown embroidery thread.

It’s the perfect gift for a new baby and the perfect next project for your crochet stash. 

Baby Boy Crochet Outfit

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Download Baby Crochet Patterns

Crochet Skill Levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

Are you ready to create an adorable and customizable crochet outfit for your little one? This versatile baby cardigan pattern, available on Etsy, lets you craft a charming cardigan for baby boys.

The best part? It’s worked in one piece, starting from the top and working down, and then joining to make the sleeves and edging.

You can keep it simple or add a touch of fun with the included rainbow and bunny appliques. The baby clothes pattern comes in seven different sizes, making it suitable for various age groups from preemie to 3-4 years.

The pattern is thoughtfully crafted and user-friendly, with instructions written in English (US terms) and the option to download it in French as well. It even includes six different size options to accommodate different chest measurements.

To complete this crochet project, you’ll need 220-550 meters of DK-weight yarn, along with a 3.5mm and a 4mm hook. 

Add the finishing touches with 4-5 x 15mm buttons, and don’t forget to use the appropriate hook size for the appliques based on the size you’re creating. For example, use a 2mm hook for preemie/newborn sizes, and gradually increase the hook size as the baby grows.

This makes the most beautiful homemade baby shower gift that any parent will cherish. You could also add a handmade baby blanket if you have time. Both are so much fun to make. 

How cute are these baby crochet patterns? Have you found few to make already?

Crochet Dog Pattern

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Download Baby Crochet Patterns

Crochet Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

 Unleash your creativity with this original baby crochet patterns available on Etsy, which guides you through crafting your very own adorable puppy toy. Crafted in English using American terminology, this pattern is perfect for those looking to challenge their crochet skills.

The crochet puppy toy is designed to be made using plush yarn, resulting in a soft and huggable companion. With a 4.5 mm crochet hook, the finished toy stands at approximately 9 inches (23 cm) tall, excluding the antennas.

The pattern includes detailed step-by-step instructions, complemented by numerous photo references to ensure that you can successfully create your crochet puppy.

While it’s labeled as difficult, it offers an excellent opportunity for crocheters to enhance their skills and create a charming handmade toy.

Baby Blanket Pattern

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Download baby Crochet Patterns

Crochet skill level: Beginner-Advanced

What’s cozier than a soft and snuggly baby blanket? This crochet pattern, available on Etsy, provides a simple yet textured design that adds an extra layer of comfort to any nursery.

With just three skeins of yarn and knowledge of two basic stitches, it’s an ideal project for beginners or experienced crocheters seeking a quick and satisfying creation.

The resulting “stroller size” blanket measures approximately 30 inches by 36 inches, making it the perfect dimensions for a baby or toddler to snuggle up with. Additionally, it’s conveniently sized for parents to grab and go, whether they’re heading out for a stroll or packing for a trip.

To get started on this crochet project, you’ll need an 11.5 mm P crochet hook, scissors, and a tapestry needle.

Gather three skeins of Bernat Forever Fleece super bulky yarn in the lovely Seaglass color (approximately 500 yards) to achieve the desired softness and warmth for your baby’s blanket.

PS We have more baby crochet patterns for blankets below.

Crochet Lamb Pattern

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Download Baby Crochet Patterns

Crochet skill level: Beginner-Advanced

This crochet pattern provides instructions for creating your very own Frieda sheep music box. When completed with the specified materials, the sheep will measure approximately 19 cm in length and 13 cm in height, making it the ideal size for a music box. The body is designed to accommodate a musical mechanism seamlessly.

Materials Needed:

  1. Cotton or organic cotton yarn.
  2. A 2.5 mm crochet hook.
  3. Sewing needle for assembly.
  4. Musical mechanism (optional, for creating a music box).
  5. Polyester wadding for stuffing.
  6. Matte blush for adding red cheeks to the sheep.

Skills Required:

To successfully complete this crochet project, you should have a basic understanding of the following crochet techniques:

  1. Crocheting in the round.
  2. Single crochet.
  3. Magic ring (also explained in the instructions).
  4. Slip stitch.
  5. Popcorn stitch (detailed instructions included).
  6. Decreases and increases.
  7. Sewing on various body parts to assemble the sheep.

With this pattern and the required materials, you can craft a charming Frieda sheep music box. Enjoy the process of crocheting this delightful project and bring your very own music-playing sheep to life.

Crochet Bunny Pattern

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Download baby crochet patterns

Crochet Skill levels: Intermediate-advanced


This 12-page PDF crochet pattern offers a comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial to create a charming Sleepy Bunny Lovey. The finished lovey measures 14 inches in height when folded up and 16.5 inches in width when laid flat.

Materials Required:

  • 1. 1 skein of Bernat Bundle Up yarn (4.9oz, 267yd/244m/140g, #4 worsted medium weight) in the color “Marshmallow.” (Note: You might need 2 skeins depending on your tension or if you use a different yarn.)
  • 2. Contrasting color yarn for the bunny’s nose and optional stripes.
  • 3. A 5mm (H8) crochet hook.
  • 4. A 3.5mm (E4) crochet hook.
  • 5. Stitch marker.
  • 6. Scissors.
  • 7. Tapestry needle.
  • 8. Brown embroidery floss.
  • 9. Fiberfill stuffing.

Stitches Used:

The pattern incorporates various crochet stitches, including:

  • – mr (magic ring/magic loop)
  • – sc (single crochet)
  • – hdc (half double crochet)
  • – dc (double crochet)
  • – sl st (slip stitch)
  • – sk (skip)
  • – inc (increase)
  • – dec (invisible decrease)
  • – Puff
  • – Bobble

Skill Level:

This crochet pattern is categorized as intermediate, requiring a working knowledge of crochet techniques. It involves multiple stitch types, changes in crochet hook sizes for different parts, and the assembly of components. 

The work is done in the round using a magic ring, and a stitch marker is used to mark the first stitch of each round. If you are accustomed to marking the last stitch of every round, you can choose to do so. 

Follow this pattern to crochet a lovely Sleepy Bunny Lovey, and enjoy the process of creating this delightful and huggable bunny.

We loved making several of these baby crochet patterns. They are perfect for baby photo shoots and all the patterns come with step-by-step photos, which we love because we are both very visual learners. 

We included several beginner-friendly pattern options and, of course, options if you have been crocheting for a while. If you are a beginner, a crochet baby blanket pattern is simple enough to make. It’s a nice pattern to do without feeling overwhelmed reading a stitch pattern.

Other Crochet Patterns:

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