9 Easy Crochet Afghan Patterns for Beautiful Blankets

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Hey, fellow crochet enthusiasts! Today, we’re sharing our top picks for super easy crochet afghan patterns. These are not only beautiful but also tried and tested either crafted by us or a talented member of our team. We want to give you the lowdown on these cozy blankets, helping you decide which easy crochet blanket pattern should be your next project.

If we haven’t crossed paths before, I’m Connie. I’m still rocking the “beginner crocheter” title. My mom, on the other hand, is a crochet wizard, and our team is a mix of beginners and pros. Our mission is simple: to be your go-to source for the best crochet patterns all in one spot.

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Okay, no more waiting – let’s dive into our favorite easy crochet afghan patterns. If you spot one you love, drop a comment to give us the heads-up, and we’ll definitely check it out and maybe even add it to the list.

Crochet Supplies

But hold up! Before we get into the good stuff, let’s make sure you’ve got all the crochet supplies you need to kick off your project. Each pattern will suggest a specific yarn, but there are also two must-have supplies that every crocheter should have in their kit.

Chevron Crochet Blanket:

crochet afghan patterns

So, the Chevron Blanket is like the MVP for us crocheters. It’s got this easy, not-at-all-boring pattern that’s just perfect, especially for making those adorable baby blankets. I mean, imagine the brownie points you’d score with a sweet and thoughtful baby shower gift, right?

These Chevron blankets are quick to whip up, and the result is this cozy crochet blankets masterpiece with cool stripe vibes thanks to the color changes. The standard size is 27.5″ x 30.5″, but guess what? You can easily adjust the stitch pattern and make it smaller or larger.

This was one of my first stabs at an easy baby blanket pattern, and it was a total win. Seriously, the project was a blast, and the end result? Cutest thing ever. I loved that it used basic stitches, so I didn’t spend a ton of time learning new stitches.

I got a bit creative with the colors to match the upcoming baby’s vibe. Oh, and here’s the twist – I made one as a throw blanket too. Yep, made one for myself in a solid color for my bedroom.

Easy Crochet Afghan Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Now, let’s talk about some more easy crochet afghan patterns. There’s this awesome one that’s super customizable – you can tweak it to fit whatever size you want. The best thing is it’s got this simple 2-row repeat, making it an easy project to work on, especially when you’re on the move.

The yarn I used, along with the texture, gives the blanket this gorgeous beachy vibe. With easy stitches, it’s the perfect pattern to make in different blanket size options.

For this pattern, I went with Yarnspirations Caron Big Cakes in Blue Macaron, but you can use any #4 worsted weight yarn.

Crochet Blanket Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Our friend Kim recently got into this crochet project called the Finley Throw, and what sets it apart is that it goes for vertical stripes instead of the usual horizontal thing. It’s got this cool combo of two stitches that play off each other, giving it this sleek, modern vibe with a lovely texture for these beautiful blankets.

The best part? This square blanket is a speedy project, perfect for those cool summer evenings when you just want the right amount of coziness. Oh, and here’s the bonus: the pattern has a ton of resources to help you create these crochet afghans, with video tutorials and PDF photos to guide you through the whole process.

To whip up this beauty, all you need is a few skeins of yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn and a 6mm/J crochet hook. 

Chenille Throw

Photo Credit: Etsy.com
  • Download Pattern:Chenille Throw
  • Crochet Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Next up, I’ve got this afghan blanket tutorial that walks you through whipping up a super quick and oversized chenille throw – and let me tell you, this afghan crochet pattern when made with the right yarn is so comfy. T

he best part? It has this thick ribbed texture that adds an extra layer of warmth due to the type of yarn she recommends.

Michelle was our go-to girl to try this pattern. She loved it. It uses simple crochet stitches and is an easy blanket pattern that you will love having this winter. You could 100% use different colors and customize it to your home decor.

And get this – the tutorial isn’t just words on a page. Nope, it’s got photos that show you exactly where your hook should be, how to navigate those stitches, the ins and outs of a chain, and the lowdown on working in the back loops.

Plus, it spills the beans on joining new yarn and weaving in those pesky ends.

The best part? It’s beginner-friendly! If you’ve got the basics of chaining and working single crochet stitches down (which is like double crochet stitches in UK/Australia terms), you’re golden.

Crochet Afghan Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about learning from videos when it comes to crochet projects. And let me tell you, this pattern is a total game-changer, no matter if you’re a beginner crocheter or the more experienced crocheter. 

It’s a breeze to follow, and what’s cool is you can go bold with the colors or keep it soft – totally your call. And here’s the kicker: the tutorial comes with a handy chart, so if you’re using different yarn or want to tweak the size, you’re covered.

Last week I whipped up a couple of these for some upcoming baby showers one for a family member, and they turned out to be awesome gifts and hopefully a family heirloom for many babies to come. 

So, if you’re a crochet rookie and large projects seem kinda overwhelming, this blanket pattern  makes things simple. It’s all about breaking it down for beginners, making the whole blanket-making journey way less intimidating.

Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Check out the Terracotta Shores Blanket from Daisy Cottage Designs – it’s like a crochet dream for making a trendy block stitch blanket.

They’ve got you covered with both written instructions and a cool video tutorial to walk you through the whole thing. And get this, you’ve got options!

The pattern gives you an easy way to create  four different sizes, so you can pick the one that works with your project style. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for whipping up a super stylish afghan in no time.

I am going to confess, I love this pattern. It’s one of my favorites to make. I have one of the crochet projects in my living room and I always get compliments when people visit.

Crochet Blanket Patterns Easy

Crochet Blanket Patterns Easy
Photo Credit: Etsy.com

This pattern is like the BFF of new crocheters; it’s a great pattern keeping it simple with a repeat row and basic crochet stitches like the trusty half-double crochet.

And guess what? The pattern’s got your tutorial needs covered. It’s loaded with detailed instructions and handy pics in the PDF, walking you through the whole process, making it a breeze to dive into these easy blanket ideas.

The finished blanket? A cozy 48 inches by 54 inches. And if you’re wondering about the yarn, the suggestion is Lion Brand Yarn called Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.

Textured Crochet Blanket Pattern

Easy crochet afghan paterns
Photo Credit: Etsy.com

So, let’s chat about the Textured Stripes Blanket from Daisy Cottage Designs. It’s basically the crochet dream for making this lovely, textured blanket.

What’s cool is, it’s like the perfect cozy blanket for beginners. The pattern keeps it simple and gives you instructions on customizing the size,

so it’s a win for crocheters of all levels. Talk about easy crochet blanket ideas!

Personally, I’ve tackled this pattern twice. It’s a breeze, especially if you’re into simple stitches for afghans. I went wild with it, making the blanket in different sizes and switching up the colors. It’s a total gem of a pattern!

Crochet Afghan Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Alright, let’s break down the details on this pattern. So, to get that perfect 4″x4″ (10×10 cm) square, you’ll need a 5mm crochet hook, easy peasy.

Now, here’s the cool part – it’s got options! There are nine different sizes to choose from. For the little ones, you’ve got stroller, crib, and child sizes. And for the bigger crew, there’s lap quilt, throw, twin, queen, and king sizes. Basically, there’s a size for every crochet request.

This info is like your project GPS, helping you pick the right size for what you’re dreaming up. Seriously, it’s like the holy grail for easy crochet blanket ideas.

The creator even throws in some yarn advice – a specific brand and color. But hey, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous with colors (like yours truly), just follow her lead on the yarn weight.

And what’s really neat? The pattern sticks to the basics, with simple stitches and a sweet repeat pattern.

Look, if you’re on the hunt for a precious baby gift that is the perfect gift or just need a cozy blanket with colorful stripes for those chilly winter nights, these beginner crochet blanket patterns are the way to go.

Seriously, if you’ve been itching to dive into a new crochet project and create some crochet afghan patterns, these patterns are perfect for you. Time to get those hooks and yarn ready!

Crochet Patterns

Here are a few other Crochet Patterns that are loved by our community.

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