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13 Easy Crochet Coasters Patterns: Great For Beginners

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Sit down with your fabric book in your favorite chair and your favorite drink and place that drink on your crochet coasters. This would be the best day ever. As someone who has crocheted for years, I love making crochet coasters in different colors and using in my own home on my coffee table and for gifts for weddings and birthdays. 

Peggy and Connie are the brains behind Fun Crochet Patterns. We love to crochet and have for years. We find the best crochet patterns to help you make fun heirloom crochet home decor. 

We have compiled 11 easy crochet coaster pattern ideas. Simply pick the one that you love the most. Make sure and show off your creations in our Facebook group.

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Crochet Christmas Ornaments Patterns

Christmas Coaster Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy

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Yes, indeed, these square coasters may remind you of Christmas, but their charm lies in their simple yet versatile designs.

Crafted with either cotton yarn or acrylic yarn in an array of colors, you can easily transform their appearance to suit any occasion or theme. The beauty of these coasters lies in their understated elegance, making them a delightful addition to any setting.

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting your crochet journey, these coasters are a perfect project.

The use of basic stitches means that they are accessible to crafters of all skill levels. So, whether you’re a beginner looking for a straightforward and rewarding project or an experienced crocheter seeking a quick and satisfying creation, these square coasters offer a wonderful opportunity to indulge in your love for crafting.

If you happen to have some scrap yarn lying around, these coasters present an ideal way to put it to good use.

Additionally, you can mix and match colors or use a single shade to create a coordinated set. The flexibility of this project allows you to experiment and get creative with your color choices, ensuring that your coasters will perfectly complement your decor or the theme of your event.

In summary, these square coasters not only radiate a touch of Christmas charm but also embody the appeal of simplicity and versatility.

They are a delightful canvas for your creativity, whether you’re using scrap yarn or a carefully chosen palette, and they provide a great opportunity for crafters of all skill levels to enjoy the art of crochet.

Crochet Coaster Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy

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Creating these crochet coasters from a simple tutorial was not only a breeze but also a delightful crafting experience. These coasters are particularly perfect for round designs, and their versatility makes them a wonderful addition to your home decor.

 You have the freedom to opt for a neutral color scheme that blends seamlessly with your existing decor, or you can select vibrant yarn colors that add a pop of personality to your space. The possibilities for customization are endless, allowing you to adapt the coasters to suit your unique style and aesthetic preferences.

As you work on these charming coasters, consider making a set of four to six of them. When grouped together, they not only serve as practical home accessories but also make a thoughtful and personalized gift. 

Additionally, you can take your gift-giving a step further by crafting a coaster holder to keep them neatly organized or tying them together with a beautiful ribbon for an elegant touch. 

The result is a delightful bundle of handmade coasters that not only protect your surfaces but also infuse your space with a touch of warmth and creativity.

One of the best things about these coasters is the speed at which you can create them. With just a few hours of dedicated crafting, you can have a set of personalized coasters ready to adorn your home or to present as a last-minute gift that carries a special, heartfelt touch. 

So, whether you’re looking to spruce up your own living space or surprise a loved one with a charming, handmade present, these crochet coasters are a fantastic choice for a quick project that combines simplicity with creativity.

​ Sunflower Crochet Coaster

Photo Credit: Etsy

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My granddaughter stumbled upon a delightful quick crochet project – the adorable mug rug coasters – and she eagerly requested that we create them together.

This crochet pattern is refreshingly simple, making it an ideal choice for a fun and engaging crafting session with loved ones. As we embarked on this creative journey, it was clear that these coasters possessed a unique charm that immediately captured our hearts.

The simplicity of the crochet pattern allowed for a relaxed and enjoyable crocheting experience. The end result, these cute and charming coasters, brought smiles to our faces.

My granddaughter was especially delighted with the outcome, which added an extra layer of satisfaction to the project. Her enthusiasm and appreciation for the craft further deepened our connection, reinforcing the value of spending quality time together.

To add a personal touch to our creation, I decided to dive into my treasure trove of yarn. I selected a slightly different shade of yellow, which brought a touch of individuality to each coaster.

This small departure from the pattern allowed us to infuse a sense of uniqueness into our handmade treasures. The end result was a set of coasters that not only served their practical purpose but also radiated a sense of warmth and personal connection.

In the end, these charming mug rug coasters became more than just a craft project. They became a symbol of shared moments, bonding, and the joy of creating something together.

As we sat down for a warm cup of tea or coffee and placed our mugs on these lovely coasters, they served as a daily reminder of the love and connection that went into their making. This project was not just about crafting; it was about creating memories, strengthening family ties, and cherishing the joy of handmade gifts.

Crochet Coaster Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy

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The beauty of this uncomplicated crochet pattern lies in its ability to transform simple materials into vibrant and charming crochet coasters.

These coasters are not just functional; they are a wonderful addition to anyone’s home decor, instantly adding a touch of color and creativity to any coffee table or surface.

Crafted with basic crochet skills, these coasters are accessible to both novices and experienced crocheters, making them an excellent project for those looking to hone their skills or create a quick and satisfying crochet creation.

The straightforward nature of the pattern ensures that you can complete a set of these coasters in no time, providing you with an opportunity to infuse your home with a splash of personality and practicality.

As you work on these crochet coasters, you’ll find that they open up a world of possibilities for customization. By choosing your favorite yarn colors or coordinating them with your existing decor, you can create a harmonious and visually pleasing display on your coffee table.

Whether you prefer a bold and striking color scheme or something more understated and elegant, these coasters allow you to showcase your individual style and flair.

When you place these crochet coasters on your coffee table, they not only protect your surfaces but also serve as eye-catching conversation starters.

Additionally, their lively colors and handmade charm are sure to draw the attention of anyone who visits your home, making them an excellent choice for showcasing your crafting skills and creativity.

Ladybug Coaster Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy

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When you’re in search of an enjoyable and charming crochet project, these adorable crochet coasters undoubtedly fit the bill. Crafted using straightforward stitches, they are not only easy to make but also versatile, making them a delightful addition to your crafting repertoire. 

One of the most wonderful aspects of these coasters is their timeless appeal, suitable for use throughout the year, transcending seasonal boundaries and bringing a touch of whimsy to any setting.

I decided to create a set of these crochet coasters for my best friend, who happens to have a deep affection for ladybugs. Her eyes lit up with delight when I presented them to her, and that heartwarming reaction was truly priceless.

Additionally, these coasters proved to be the perfect canvas for my affection and a tangible expression of the love and appreciation I have for my dear friend.

As I embarked on this project, I marveled at how a few skeins of yarn and some simple crochet stitches could transform into such endearing ladybug-themed coasters. The process of crafting them was not just about creating functional items; it was a labor of love, a testament to the strength of our friendship.

Crochet Sunflower Coaster Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy

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If you have a soft spot for sunflowers or happen to know someone who does, this crochet pattern is an absolute gem waiting to be discovered.

Additionally, with its cheerful and vibrant sunflower design, it’s the perfect choice for adding a touch of sunshine to your crochet projects. What makes it even more appealing is its speed and simplicity, making it an ideal choice for those who want to embark on a quick and satisfying crochet journey.

Before diving into this delightful pattern, I highly recommend taking a peek into your yarn stash. You’d be surprised how often you can find the perfect yarn for a project without having to make a trip to the store.

I personally used Lion Brand yarn for my sunflower coasters, and the result was truly captivating. Creating a few of these coasters for my family members was not only enjoyable but also a wonderful way to share a piece of handmade warmth and creativity with those I care about.

The key to success with this crochet project is starting with a solid foundation chain. The first stitch is crucial, as it sets the stage for the rest of the coaster.

Ensure that it’s perfect, and the rest of the process will flow with ease. Once you’ve established that strong foundation, creating these super cute sunflower coasters becomes a breeze.

The repetitive nature of the pattern allows you to slip into a calming and meditative crocheting rhythm, resulting in a set of charming coasters in no time.

What’s particularly charming about these sunflower coasters is their universal appeal. Sunflowers are beloved by many, and their bright and cheerful presence can instantly brighten up any space.

Whether you choose to make these coasters for yourself or as heartfelt gifts for loved ones, they are sure to evoke smiles and warmth.

In summary, these sunflower coasters are not just a crochet pattern; they’re a delightful way to share the joy of crafting and the beauty of sunflowers with those you hold dear.

Their simplicity, combined with their visual appeal, makes them a fantastic choice for a quick and rewarding crochet project.

So, why not let the sunshine in and embark on a journey to create these charming sunflower coasters that will bring a touch of nature’s splendor into your home or the homes of your loved ones.

Round Crochet Coaster Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy

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​I love the modern look of these finished products. These are some of my favorite crocheted coasters. I bought matching yarn off Amazon because of the free shipping and coordinated them for my home.

Everyone compliments me on them when we use them at the table or in the living room. They were the perfect addition to my home decor. 

Crochet Flower Coaster Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy

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I love the colors of yarn they used in this pattern. It’s perfect for beginner crocheters. You can definitely make these as a last-minute gift, and for best results you will want to use contrasting colors.  This is a great project, and I found a video tutorial that helped with this pattern. Super fun coasters to make.

Crochet Pattern For Coasters

Photo Credit: Etsy

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This easy crochet pattern would be adorable for a tea party.  Imagine little girls with their favorite drink and cookies enjoying a fun afternoon of tea.

These heart coasters are quick to make. It does use basic crochet stitches so it’s perfect no matter your skill level. 

Because of all the different colors, you only need small amounts of yarn and can easily use your yarn stash or ask someone for the type of yarn you are using. 

Crochet Holiday Coaster Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy

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These coaster crochet patterns cover all the major holidays, and all the holidays are included in the pattern PDF. You can use a cotton blend of yarn or worsted weight yarn and make these simple crochet coasters. 

Cat Coaster Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy

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If you are a cat lover or know someone who is, these are beautiful crochet coaster patterns. They are definitely different shapes and the instructions are in US terms.  This is such a fun pattern that uses single crochet stitches.

Which one of these patterns did you find that you can’t wait to make? Any of them would be a great choice. Let me know in the comments which one you are making.

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