Crochet Patterns For Granny Squares

7 Easy and Beautiful Crochet Patterns For Granny Squares

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In the world of crochet, there’s a classic technique that has stood the test of time, capturing the hearts of crafters and artisans for generations: the beloved crochet patterns for Granny Squares. 

These charming and versatile crochet patterns for granny squares have been adorning our homes and wardrobes with their intricate designs and cozy warmth for decades. They are like a warm hug from the past, connecting us to our grandmothers’ cherished afghans and vintage fashion.

Granny squares are more than just pieces of yarn art; they’re pieces of history and creativity. Each square is a small masterpiece, a work of art that can stand alone or combine with others to create magnificent blankets, throws, pillows, and even fashionable garments.

Their geometric designs and infinite color possibilities make them an enduring favorite in the crochet community. So let’s jump in and look at these 7 crochet patterns for granny squares

Peggy and Connie are the brains behind Fun Crochet Patterns. We love to crochet and have for years. We find the best crochet patterns to help you make fun heirloom crochet home decor. 

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Here are some general supplies you need for these projects.

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Crochet Table Runner Pattern

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​Once you are able to create your square patterns, you simply keep repeating them until you create this table runner. As you can see in the photo, she used her table runner on her mantel. 

You can do a single color, or you can use different colors on your square crochet pattern. This is a perfect pattern for any skill level. If you are looking for beginner crochet projects, this is a great one to start with. Simply do a solid granny square. 

Granny Square Afghan Pattern

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I loved this pattern. I made a blanket for my sweet great grand baby. This pattern makes beautiful blankets and uses basic crochet stitches, so it’s a great way to move from beginner to intermediate skill level. 

You could easily change the colors to bright colors or use whatever leftover yarn you have with your crochet hook.

I did my colors similar to the picture, as I wanted my grandson and his wife to be able to use it when they have another baby.   Don’t you love these crochet patterns for granny squares?

Afghan Granny Square Patterns

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​Imagine wrapping up in this fun project while sipping some hot chocolate and reading your favorite book with a roaring fire going.  This is a great project for a beginner crocheter as it uses basic stitches. 

It’s an unusual granny as the rows end up making a square shape, vs a traditional granny with rows of the same color. It’s a simple granny, even though it looks a little more complicated. 

Simply choose your color of yarn that coordinates and make this easy granny square afghan.  This is one of my favorite crochet patterns for granny squares.

Crochet Pattern Granny Square

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If you are new to granny squares but have been crocheting simple designs, these are fun crochet squares. This square motif is super fun and a different granny. You can combine your squares to make a blanket, table runner or even a dress.

I love the little flower in the middle that makes it perfect for any little girl. Pick your colors of yarn that coordinate together, or use a solid color for both your flower and granny square. How cute are these crochet patterns for granny squares.

Granny Square Pillow Pattern

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At first glance, this crochet pillow might appear to be a complex creation, but it’s actually a delightful assembly of individual square designs.

While it may not be the ideal starting point for a complete crochet novice, it’s a classic granny square pattern with a charming twist – the inclusion of adorable little cats in each square.

The beauty of this project lies in its deceptive simplicity. What seems intricate is, in fact, a series of familiar crochet techniques coming together to form a harmonious whole.

It’s a pattern that can be tackled by those with a bit of crochet experience, making it an excellent project to expand your skills and delve into the world of more detailed and intricate designs.

What truly sets this crochet pillow apart is its thematic appeal. As you work your way through the squares, crafting the delicate feline motifs, you can’t help but envision the joy it will bring to the recipient.

This pillow is, without a doubt, the perfect gift for a cat lover. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate their passion for these graceful creatures without triggering any allergies, making it a thoughtful and considerate choice.

But it’s not just for cat enthusiasts; this square project has a universal charm that makes it a sweet and cherished gift for anyone. Imagine a cozy reading nook or a comfortable chair nestled in the corner of a room. 

Now, picture this handcrafted pillow as the star of the show, adding a touch of whimsy and personality to the space. It’s more than just a decorative item; it’s a conversation starter, a source of comfort, and a testament to the thought and care that went into its creation.

As you crochet your way through this delightful pattern, keep in mind the joy it will bring to the lucky recipient. Each square, with its tiny cat, is a labor of love, a testament to your skill and creativity.

The finished pillow will not just be a home decor piece; it will be a symbol of the affection and care you’ve poured into it.

So, whether you’re crafting this charming pillow for a cat lover, someone with allergies, or simply as a heartwarming gift, know that you’re creating more than just a pillow; you’re crafting a piece of joy, comfort, and connection.

It’s a project that will be cherished and admired by all who have the privilege of encountering it, adding a touch of warmth and whimsy to any space it graces.

Crochet Tablecloth Pattern

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This pattern evokes a profound sense of nostalgia, reminding me of my dear grandmother and her time-honored crochet creations. 

Additionally, the delicate, intricate square variations that come together in this pattern are not just stitches but a piece of artistry that can transform an ordinary table into a work of crochet wonder. 

Picture it gracing the dining table during the holidays, creating an ambiance that feels both festive and warm, or adorning the table for a leisurely Sunday dinner, making every meal feel special and homely.

What sets this tablecloth pattern apart is its remarkable texture. As you run your fingers over the yarn, you can’t help but be captivated by the subtle undulations and intricacies of the design. 

It’s a texture that tells a story, one that has been woven into the fabric of countless family gatherings and shared moments. When you lay this tablecloth out, it’s not just a piece of decor; it’s a conversation starter, a tapestry of memories, and a testament to the timeless art of crochet.

But what makes this pattern truly exceptional is its potential to transcend generations. It’s not just a one-time project; it’s an heirloom in the making.

The love and craftsmanship that go into each stitch mean that this tablecloth is not just a creation for the present, but a gift for the future.

Additionally, it’s a piece that will be cherished today and handed down through the ages, a tangible connection to the past for generations to come.

Crafted from a simple slip stitch, this heirloom-quality tablecloth pattern showcases the magic that can be woven with the most basic of crochet techniques.

It’s a testament to the idea that true artistry lies not only in complexity but in the mastery of the fundamentals.  As you work on this pattern, it’s a chance to appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the endless possibilities it holds. These crochet patterns for granny squares are so beautiful.

And, of course, don’t forget to pay attention to the type of yarn recommended in the pattern. Yarn choice can significantly impact the final look and feel of your creation, and this pattern’s suggestions are thoughtfully chosen to bring out the best in your project. 

It’s these little details that can make all the difference in crafting a unique and enduring crochet granny square.

So, as you embark on this crochet journey, remember that you’re not just creating a tablecloth. You’re crafting a piece of history, an heirloom, and a legacy.

Embrace the process, and savor every stitch, knowing that your work will create memories and traditions that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Just curious which crochet patterns for granny squares are your favorite so far?

Crochet Sweater Pattern

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I wouldn’t consider this an easy crochet granny square. The actual squares are easy to complete but putting the finishing pieces together is more than a beginner might want to attempt. This square sweater would definitely be for more advanced crocheters, especially with the buttons. 

You can see there are 2 different types of granny squares, including a sunburst granny square and a basic granny square pattern.

The pattern is simple to follow. We haven’t attempted this yet, but the reviews are good and that’s an easy way to see if it’s a project to make. 

A granny square is the perfect way to learn to crochet as a beginner. As you can see, there are so many different ways to use a variety of granny squares and these crochet patterns for granny squares give you a ton of options.

All this takes is knowing the crochet basics and a few different stitches, and you can have either modern granny squares in a beautiful blanket or table runner or a intricate heirloom sweater or tablecloth. 

Let us know which crochet patterns for granny squares you are going to make below. Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook Group where you can show off your crochet patterns for granny squares. We can’t wait to see them.

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