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Crochet Patterns of The Day (On Sale Or Free)

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We love having new crochet patterns to make. We also love a bargain so each day we will be adding a new crochet pattern we find on Etsy that is on sale.

It’s the perfect way for you to find your new crochet patterns and find maybe something new to try.

Make sure to sign up for the daily deal. It’s the perfect way to get the deal into your inbox. We will have granny square patterns, crochet blanket patterns, Amigurumi crochet patterns, and of your super easy beginner crochet patterns.

Win a Crochet Gift Card

We thought it would be fun to do a monthly challenge. To be entered, simply make one of the projects below. Tell us in the comments which one you made, Rate the project 1-10 (10 being easy), and post the photo on our Facebook page

We will pick 1-2 people on the last day of the month to receive a $5 Etsy gift card.

Crochet Donut

Photo Credit:

Download pattern

Whether it’s national donut day or for a birthday here is a Free crochet donut pattern you will no doubt have a blast making.

Crochet Jellyfish Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download crochet jellyfish pattern

These are the cutest jellyfish that any little one will love.

The directions were super easy to follow and the finished product was super cute. I gave it to a friend’s granddaughter and she LOVED it.

If you know most crochet terms, you can easily do this pattern.

Crochet Ice Cream Cozy

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Ice Cream cozy

I love the crochet bowl cozy below but for the grandkids I needed a cozy that would cover more space.

We had ice cream sundae night and I cleaned up ice cream forever. I love this chunky pattern because it covers more of the bowl so if they dribble ice cream it stays in the cozy and I can simply wash it.

The pattern is super easy to follow. I was able to make 3 in an evening.

Crochet Bowl Cozy

Photo Credit:

Download: Crochet bowl cozy

These are so useful for both soup and ice cream. I love the little handles on them.

The pattern includes 3 sizes which was super helpful for me. It comes with photos and great instructions.

I did make a few for our home and then my daughter-in-law requested a few for my grandbabies. They turned out so cute with their favorite colors.

Crochet Table Runner

Download crochet table runner

This pattern took me back to my grandmother’s hall table. She always had a bowl of candy you could get.

The pattern has a ton of photos and is easy to follow.

I had Sarah tackle this project as she is amazing at following diagrams. It uses diagrams vs photos so if that is something hard for you, I might pick something easier below.

Sarah loved the pattern and used it in a bedroom on a dresser. It turned out so cute.

Crochet Pattern Bundle

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern Bundle

We found this bundle of patterns on sale and just hand to have it. There are over 75 patterns. So many great ones we will use again and again.

We have made probably 10 of the patterns. The patterns are so easy to follow with a ton of photos and she is great to help if you need that.

Crochet Afghan Pattern

green crochet afghan pattern
Photo Credit:

Download Crochet afghan pattern

This is such a great afghan pattern. It’s super fun and makes such a great gift.

I made a small one for a sweet baby who will be arriving soon. I used neutral colors and the parents loved it.

Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

pink shades in an easy crochet blanket patterns
Photo Credit:

Download Easy Crochet blanket pattern

This is one of the easiest blanket patterns. You simply do a repeat of 2 rows. It can’t get easier than that.

Lisa’s design uses 4 different colors. You see it in pinks but you can easily change the yarn colors. You will use worsted weight and a size 5 crochet hook size.

I made this for a baby quilt and it turned out gorgeous and was so easy to do while sitting and watching TV.

Crochet Food Pattern

Sandwich crocheted pieces including bread, cheese, tomatoes, ham and onions
Photo Credit: TiffyHappyCrafts

Download Crochet food pattern

I would love for this community to make this easy pattern and let’s brighten a kids day. Ask in a Facebook group or call your local foster care agency and give this finished food to a kid in foster care.

They usually have to share toys and never have toys they get to keep when they change homes. We can make a difference with our skills.

The pattern is easy and you can make as many part of the sandwich as you want. Kids who play and use their imagination have better language skills and social skills.

Crochet Pattern Cardigan

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern Cardigan

I was looking for a lightweight cardigan to put over some summer tops and saw this pattern. The reviews were amazing and I 100% agree with them.

This works up quickly and the pattern is so simple to follow. You can use any color yarn you won’t and it will look different each time. This would make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Crochet Owl Pattern

3 crochet owl patterns completed in brown, yellow and tan
Photo Credit: GreeneCraftsStore 

Download: Crochet Owl Pattern

These little owls are super cute. They are easy to make and make perfect gifts. It didn’t take me long to make them.

She includes a ton of photos and the owls can be made for coasters or a wall hanging. My friend Amy used them to make a blanket which was super cute.

Crochet Wrap Pattern

tan crochet wrap with a brown button
Photo Credit:

Download Crochet wrap pattern

This pattern creates a stunning wrap that is perfect for the summer. You can use a couple of different choices of yarn and she gives you directions for both.

You can also use the crochet hook you are most comfortable with. You can easily dress it up or down and use some stunning yarn colors.

I love how it turned out. Definitely give it a try.

African Flower Crochet Pattern

brightly colored granny squares in blues, pinks, purpose, green
Photo Credit:

Download African flower crochet pattern

Also known as Granny Squares, these are so much fun to make. You can easily take your squares and make a blanket or purse or anything you can think of.

The pattern is well-written and easy to follow.

Crochet Cross Pattern

Pink and green crochet cross pattern with flowers in the middle
Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Cross Pattern

These crosses are so fun to make. I finished 1 in 30 minutes and ended up making several as gifts for my ladies’ bible study.

They are perfect for Easter or bible studies or even as a special gift when someone is baptized.

Crochet Farm Animals

6 crochet farm animals including a lamb, cow, chicken, duck, pig
Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Crochet Farm Animals

These little guys are super precious. The pattern is great to follow. It’s super thorough with a ton of photos for each animal. They are no sew so that is great. I love no sew.

I made these for a baby shower to display on the table with the treats. It was so cute.

Crochet Basket Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Crochet Basket Pattern

I wanted a new basket for the bathroom and couldn’t find any I loved so I saw this pattern and made one with colors that match. LOVE the pattern and it turned out perfect.

She has you use basic crochet stitches so it’s perfect for a beginner or someone looking for a quick project.

Crochet Blanket Pattern

Crochet blanket pattern with bright colors on each strip of stitching
Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Blanket Pattern

I was looking for a great crochet blanket pattern that I could use up all my scrap yarn and give as a gift to a dear friend. This pattern fits the bill.

If you have questions when making the blanket, you can simply message the designer and she will be more than happy to help you.

She has included a guide to make multiple sizes and the pattern lends well to that.

Crochet Bowl Cozy Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download pattern: Crochet Bowl Cozy Pattern

This is such a great way to protect your hands from being burned when heating up soup but it can also be used for cold like ice cream.

Just a reminder to use cotton yarn and no metallic yarn because it can spark in the microwave.

I love that the pattern has both written instructions and video instructions. I am a visual learner and that helped me a ton.

Crochet Rug Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Crochet Rug Pattern

I wanted a new rug and saw this pattern and loved it. The directions are super clear with great photos and if you have questions, she is quick to respond on Etsy.

This beautiful crochet rug is perfect for a kitchen or bathroom.

Crochet Llama

crochet llama that is white with a blue and red saddle on it
Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Crochet Llama

I saw this pattern and I love no sew Amigurumi. This one was so much fun to make. The instructions include a ton of photos and the pattern is well written. If you are wanting a quick and fun project to make, this one will fit the bill.

Worry Worm

Photo of 4 worry worm crochet pattern worms

This is my own pattern and includes a really fun printable card to add to them. You can get 50% off the pattern when you click the button below. These are super easy for beginners.

Download Pattern: Worry Worm

Jellyfish Amigurumi

Download Pattern: Jellyfish Amigurumi

I was checking Etsy and came across this awesome pattern. I have never seen a jellyfish that looks like this. I think it’s super cute and the pattern seems really easy to follow.

According to the reviews, the pattern is simple to follow. Tons of photos to help you along the way.

Crochet Tote Bag

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Crochet Tote Bag

When I saw these tote bags, I knew the team had to review them and I needed the tan colored one.

The pattern is very straight forward, and it is worth noting you will need a larger hook than you may have and some polyester rope.

I did mine in a dark brown color and one in black for a versatile fun bag for everyday use.

Crochet Flowers

Photo Credit:

Download Patterns: Crochet Flowers

These flowers are so versatile. Make a wreath or add it to a beanie or hat. You could also make them and add them to a kitchen towel or blanket.

I love that this listing includes 25 flowers to make. The instructions were great. There is over 50 pages of instructions. I downloaded the entire book and put on my desktop and simply printed the ones I was working on.

This one definitely is great for your Crochet library.

Towel Hanger Crochet

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Towel hanger Crochet

I made these for my kitchen and loved them. The pattern is super simple and you connect them to a 4″ wood ring used in Macrame. I got mine from Amazon.

You wrap it around a dishwasher or stove handle and then hang your towel. By the way, they sell well if you want to offer them on Facebook or Etsy.

Crochet Hanging Plant Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Crochet hanging plant pattern

I definitely don’t have a green thumb but love the look of plants. I saw this pattern and created some fun plants I don’t have to worry about.

This is definitely an advanced beginner-to-intermediate pattern. You will want to know the basic crochet stitches but also be good at reading a crochet pattern.

Additionally, if you need help after purchasing it, reach out to the seller on Etsy. She is responsive on the platform.

Overall, this is a fun pattern that helps me keep plants alive all year long.

Crochet Shamrock Pattern

2 green crochet shamrock patterns used as a coaster
Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Crochet Shamrock Pattern

This shamrock pattern is super fun for making for your home. Celebrate St Patty’s day with this super cute pattern.

it was easy to make. It has multiple photos in the pattern but I will say you need to have some experience crocheting as the details are intricate.

If you have made several amigurumi patterns you won’t have any trouble with it. If you need something easier, I suggest the granny square patterns.

Crochet Pattern Granny Square

Download Pattern: Crochet Pattern Granny square

We have made this pattern numerous times. You can easily take the squares and make a handbag, blanket or even a drawstring pouch.

The pattern has a ton of instructions and is simple to follow. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

Amigurumi Monkey

Download Pattern: Amigurumi Monkey

Date added: 2/27/24

This little Amigurumi monkey is adorable and the perfect little guy to make for a little one who loves monkeys. You will want to have had some experience doing Amigurumi before tackling him, but he is super fun to make.

Crochet Flowers Bouquet

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: crochet flowers bouquet

Date found: 2/22/24

We loved making these flowers and saw that the pattern is on sale on Etsy. These flowers are perfect as a gift or to put in a vase for your home.

She includes a ton of photos in her instructions and the flowers are really easy to make. You can easily customize it with your favorite colors and use scrap yarn.

Cow Pattern Crochet

brown cow with horns. Super cute cow pattern crochet
Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Cow Pattern Crochet

Date listed: 2/21/24

This super cute cow is so much fun to make. He is the perfect gift for a little one who is fascinated by cows. It made the perfect gift for Janet’s grandson who is obsessed with cows.

The pattern is definitely for intermediate crocheters and those who have tried Argurumi patterns before.

She included a video on how to assemble the little guy which was so helpful. This might be a little challenging but it was certainly fun.

Don’t forget to use safety eyes if you are giving it as a gift especially for little ones.

Crochet Bunny Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Patterns: Crochet Bunny Pattern

  • Crochet Skill level: Beginner
  • Crochet hook size: See pattern
  • Yarn weights: Chunky yarn

This pattern has a ton of step-by-step tutorials, and she has included video tutorials that are super easy to follow.

The crochet bunny is perfect for Easter celebrations or simply as a spring decor for your home. There is no sewing involved, so this should be a great beginner crochet pattern.

Crochet Afghan Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Patterns: Crochet Afghan Pattern

Kim downloaded the pattern and started crocheting it. It’s a gorgeous blanket, and honestly you get to choose the look.

It would be a perfect crochet blanket for your couch or make it smaller for a baby. You can also customize your colors and do the bright colors like you see which I love or if doing a neutral baby blanket, use more muted tones.

Crochet Patterns

granny square tote bag on a woman's shoulder. Bag is white with blue granny squares
Photo Credit:

If you want to simply see all of our crochet patterns, here are all of our crochet patterns to check out.

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