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11 Adorable Crochet Toys To Make

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These 11 Crochet toys are super fun to make and perfect for gift-giving or a great addition to your home decor.  Make sure and share your completed project on Sundays on our Facebook page for an opportunity to win a $5 Etsy gift card.  You will not doubt find the perfect pattern for your next crochet project.

Unicorn Pattern Crochet

white unicorn with pink hair and horn
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This is the most precious Unicorn pattern I have seen. You can easily customize it to your favorite colors. It makes a great toy for a gift or for your pet. Our dog loves playing with it. As a reminder just make sure when making soft toys or Amigurumi patterns to use safety eyes or a single crochet stitch to make the eyes. 

Crochet Pattern For a Cat

peach and yellow cat pillows that are great crochet toys
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I can’t help but imagine this crocheted cat sitting on a sunny windowsill, keeping someone company while they work or just adding a cozy touch to a room. It’s the kind of project that could spark a fresh love for crafting or provide a seasoned crocheter with a quick and satisfying creation. I’m already thinking of all the color combinations I could play with! It’s the perfect gift for a cat lover for their birthday or as a suprise in their Christmas stocking. 

Free Crochet Dog Pattern

baby crochet patterns
Photo Credit ToyStoryPatternsAU

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How sweet are these dogs. They are the perfect crochet toys, and we love that it has a free pattern which is unusual to find for crochet animals or crochet toy patterns.  This would be so sweet as a little project for a new baby. It’s soft and plush and perfect for snuggling.  You can easily customize the dog to match an owner by using different colors of yarn.

Crochet Jelly Fish Pattern

purple and turquise jelly fish
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When I first set my eyes on crochet jellyfish patterns, I found them absolutely adorable and so much fun to make. They’re whimsical and evoke the peaceful sway of these ocean dwellers. The patterns often feature a rounded top for the bell and flowing tentacles that can be curled or wavy, depending on the look you prefer. I love experimenting with colors to mimic the vibrant or pastel hues of jellyfish.

I think you could also add them to a mobile to help with sensory development for a baby as they lay in the crib.

Crochet Owl Pattern

free crochet animal patterns
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Owl patterns come in various styles; some include intricate feather detailing, while others have a simpler design. I especially enjoy adding personality to each owl through unique color choices and playful facial features—big, bright eyes and a small, triangular beak are a must. This is one of my favorite patterns to give as a gift. I also have a pair sitting on a book shelf.

Crochet Food Patterns

Photo Credit: TiffyHappyCrafts

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These handcrafted goodies aren’t just playful; they’re also a smart choice for parents looking for non-plastic, washable toys. Crafting crochet play food is a way to share the love of crochet with others, and the final products are always greeted with wide-eyed wonder by kids and adults alike.

Crochet Pig Pattern

pink pig with black eyes
Photo Credit: YarnSociety

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When I first came across a crochet pig pattern, its charm was undeniable. These adorable pig toys are stellar projects for both seasoned crocheters and those just starting to explore amigurumi crochet patterns, the art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed creatures.  These are easy patterns even for beginner crocheters. 

Crochet Fish Pattern

red, pink and white striped fish with black buttons
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When I craft a crochet fish, I like to think of it as creating a tiny aquatic friend. My fish patterns usually involve vibrant colors, capturing the essence of a tropical reef. I often use a combination of single and double crochet stitches, allowing for a smooth and flexible body, ideal for play. The tail and fins tend to be slightly stiffer, so they hold their shape well. 

Crochet Parrot Pattern

crocheted parrot with multiple colors
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Crochet parrot patterns bring the vibrancy of tropical birds into my home, and I adore the way the varied hues come to life in yarn form. The parrots I create typically feature bright reds, blues, and yellows that mimic their real-life counterparts, and I often incorporate textured stitches to give a more realistic feather effect.

Crochet Bunny Pattern

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When working on a crochet bunny pattern, the focus is always on capturing the essence of what makes bunnies so beloved— their floppy ears, round tails, and gentle expressions.

Crochet Teddy Bear 

tan teddy bear with cream nose
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This is my go to pattern for baby showers. They are adorable and always loved by the parents.  It just has the sweetest face just waiting to be snuggled. 

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