Crochet Daisy Granny Squares make into a green pouch

5 Easy Crochet Daisy Granny Squares Patterns To Make

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I don’t know about you, but when I think of spring, I think of daisies. These crochet daisy granny squares patterns are super fun to make. You can easily make them as a beginner. 

Each pattern has been reviewed by our team. Our notes about the pattern are on each description.  If you have specific questions after purchasing, you can reach out to the designer on Etsy and they are happy to help you.  The patterns do come with detailed instructions and plenty of photos and video tutoral to help you achieve the look you want. 

Without further ado, here are our 5 favorite crochet daisy granny squares.  Let us know in the comments your favorite daisy granny square patterns you saw.

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Crochet Daisy Pattern

Photo Credit: SimplePatternsForYou

Download PatternCrochet Daisy Pattern

This is the perfect crochet pattern for beginners. Leyla makes really great patterns. You will need to know basic crochet stitches like magic circle, sl st and slip stitch. 

You can customize the color combination and once you finish make several and create them into a purse or square blanket. Make sure to share it on our social media as we love seeing your projects. 

I created this pattern and used several color combinations to then create a blanket. It turned out super cute and was fun to make. I used the worsted weight yarn and is so soft and cozy. You will find me most nights wrapped up in my blanket watching our favorite TV shows. 

Crochet Drawstring Pouch

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Crochet drawstring pouch

How cute is this crochet drawstring pouch. It has 2 crochet daisy granny squares with a daisy on the front side. You will use basic crochet stitches like double crochet stitches and a magic ring. 

This pouch is perfect for your earphones, change or keeping your jewelry safe. So many possibilities with this little pouch. I made it to keep my jewelry in.

The tutorial is super easy to follow and as always, if you have any questions, reach out to the designer on Etsy. 

I am curious what you would use this little pouch for? I can’t wait to see your finished crochet daisy granny squares you turn into your own pouch. PS they make great gifts for a birthday or in a Christmas stocking. 

Daisy Granny Square Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Daisy Granny Square Pattern

The flower center of this granny square looks 3d. You will use simple crochet stitches like single crochet stitches and double crochet cluster. You can make your first square and use it any way you want, or make several from this digital pattern and make a beautiful blanket. 

I made this pattern but changed the yarn color to a really pretty red background color. I made a square bag with these granny squares. If you ever do craft fairs, these would sell really well at them. 

The great things about granny squares is that you can mass produce them and turn them into so many possibilities. Easily turn them into a top or blanket or a bag. You could also do each square in a different color. That makes it fun to create something unique. 

Daisy Granny Square Blanket

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern Daisy Granny Square Blanket

We are expecting our first grand baby, which is a girl, and so I made this sweet blanket and used different shades of pink and yellow yarn for her blanket. This is an adorable daisy granny square blanket that I know will be passed down through the generations.  

I love that you can easily use different yarn for a completely different look than the original pattern. That just makes a pattern so versatile in my opinion.  

​You simply do mass production of each granny square and follow the instructions on the written pattern to connect the squares.

The flower petals took me a couple of tries, but once I got the hang of it, it went much quicker on the other squares. You can easily change the center of the daisy to a different color. 

I can’t wait to see the big smile on my daughter in law’s face when she opens this blanket. My husband loved it and said he was going to write on the card that he made it. I doubt she will believe him LOL. 

Granny Square Cardigan

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern: Granny Square Cardigan

The pattern is written in US terms and sizing is included for Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X. She has the dimensions in the pattern description. You could easily add or remove squares for a different size.

​Additionally, this pattern has 11 pages of step-by-step pictures and a video tutorial. She used Lion brand yarn, but you can use your favorite brand.  

Kim made this cardigan for her daughter and it was a hit. It is beautiful. She did a deep turquoise color and her daughter wore it with a white shirt and black pants. It made a gorgeous outfit. 

We hope you love these 5 designs. Our team loved making them and were excited to share them with you. If you are looking for more granny square patterns, we have you covered. 

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