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5 Crochet Hobo Bag Patterns You Can Easily Make

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We love hobo bags because of how many reasons you can use them for, including everyday use. We had to test out some crochet hobo bag patterns and bring you our favorites. 

These crochet hobo bag patterns are great for beginners who know basic stitches like single crochet and of course if you are experienced, you will whip these out really quickly. 

We have included our great tips and tricks for making our most popular choice which happens to be a few of them. Don’t forget to grab your stitch markers because that will help you when it comes to constructing your crochet tote bag patterns.

So let’s look at the patterns and find a great option for your needs and skill levels. 

Crochet Small Bag Pattern

Photo Credit: KeaunaCustoms

Download Crochet small bag pattern

Crochet hook size: 5 mm hook

Crochet terms you need to know: SC, SL, ST, HDC, DC

This little bag is just the right size for a little girl or really petite woman. The shoulder straps are the same color as the purse and this beautiful bag is so adorable with the sunflower. 

If you love making a granny square pattern, this is the perfect pattern for you to try. It is easy to follow and would honestly sell really well online or at a craft show. They also make great gifts.

Just like the pattern suggested, I added a lining to it. I made the straps shorter for my 2 year old grand daughter.

She LOVES it. I used a cotton yarn and changed the sunflower color to pink, as that is her favorite color. 

We had a team member who makes these throughout the year. She gives them to foster kids for their birthday or Christmas.

It is something that then belongs to them and we love how their little faces light up when they receive a gift. 

This bag is on the smaller size, but if you added to the right sides and left sides you could easily make this hobo bag bigger.  I used a cotton fabric that was a print as the fabric lining. 

Crochet Bag Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Bag Pattern

Crochet hook size: 6.5 mm crochet hook

Crochet skill level: Beginner

​This is one of my favorite crochet hobo bag patterns. It comes with a video tutorial, and you can use either Lion brand or any yarn you love. It is beginner-friendly and if you can do a solid color and wide straps if you want to change it up a little. 

It’s the perfect size for everyday life. I used this pattern to make my own bag and did a couple of different colors. In my opinion, it’s the perfect bag when it comes to an everyday boho bag for running errands and weekend trips. 

I have no doubt you will love this pattern. It’s super easy to follow the pattern and you will get so many compliments from strangers when you are out and about. 

Remember, if you need tutorials on basic crochet stitches we have you covered.  I highly recommend this as your next project. 

Crochet Hobo Bag Patterns

Photo credit: iswoolish

Download: crochet hobo bag patterns

Crochet hook size: 2 mm crochet hook 

Supplies needed: Yarn and fabric liner material

My niece found this pattern and made it for our team. She used it as a beach bag for spring break and now it’s her new bag for everyday. It’s a great bag and the pattern is awesome in her words. 

She thought she was going to get stuck in a few spots, but the video tutorials were the perfect way to help her get over the concerns. 

The best part of the bag is the handles. They are super sturdy and are comfy for a shoulder bag. According to her, this is an easy crochet pattern and of course a practical project because you will use this bag often. 

Crochet Slouchy Bag

Photo Credit: Geonipatterns

Download: Crochet slouchy bag

Crochet hook size: 4.5 mm hook

This crocheted bag fits so much stuff. It’s oversized, and you could easily pack a weekend of clothes or a ton of beach items. There is so much room inside that you will have plenty of room for all the items you need on your trip. 

​Sally made this bag to use as a gym bag. She wanted something simple that she could throw her clothes in and leave in her car. I think this was definitely the right bag for her. 

You can easily throw it in the washing machine weekly if needed and let it air dry. You may need to stretch the bag a little depending on your yarn. I don’t recommend putting it in the dryer but you can easily lay it flat to dry. 

This bag will hold everything you need in everyday life. If you want to make it smaller, you can easily do that by adjusting the pattern. If you have questions on that you can ask the designer and let them help you figure out how to adjust your stitches. 

Crochet Market Bag Pattern

Photo credit: Paulastrickt

Download Crochet market bag pattern

Crochet hook size: 3mm crochet hook

This is the perfect bag for going to the farmer’s market or to use as a shopping bag. We even had a team member who used it recently as a picnic bag and another who used is as a school bag for one of her kids who didn’t want to carry a backpack.

It’s such a versatile bag that you can easily use every single day. 

Tracey reviewed this bag for our team, and she is more of a beginner crocheter. Since the pattern said it was for beginners, we wanted to make sure a beginner could make the bag. Tracey’s bag turned out so cute. She used a gorgeous blue color. 

We love crochet purse patterns that are easy to follow. This one definitely fit the bill. Remember to simply take your time if you are newer to crocheting, or it’s been a while since you have and if you need help with a stitch check out our crochet stitches library.

Did you find the perfect crochet hobo bag patterns to make? We hope so. We have created an entire library of bag patterns, so you have choices when it comes to finding patterns. 

Simply check out the patterns, but here are a few of our communities favorite patterns: 

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