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11 Amigurumi Easy Free Patterns For Crochet Animals

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Our team enjoys discovering and sharing patterns that we adore with you. Crafting these free patterns for crochet animals is truly enjoyable.

For those who are interested, some designers offer the option to purchase the PDF, which includes additional pictures and a written tutorial.

I keep all my patterns organized in my Google Drive for easy access when I’m seeking a weekend project.

As part of our community, if you have a favorite pattern that you believe we should include, please leave a comment below. We will gladly review it and consider adding it to the collection here.

Crochet Supplies For Free Patterns For Crochet Animals

Every pattern includes a link to the recommended yarn. However, to successfully complete these free patterns for crochet animals, you will need a few essential tools. Here are the ones favored by our team:

If you’re unfamiliar with Amigurumi patterns, we have a comprehensive article detailing their history. It’s truly fascinating to learn about their origins and how they evolved.

Amigurumi Cat

 Photo Credit:

Amigurumi animal pattern Amigurumi Cat

These sassy little cats are an ideal addition to any office desk or home office. They make the perfect gift for the cat lovers in your family or among your friends.

Kim crafted these for her granddaughter, who adores cats and is a teenager, so the attitude suits her perfectly.

Her cats turned out incredibly cute, and the pattern uses basic stitches, making it perfect for beginners.

Amigurumi Dinosaur

Photo Credit:

Amigurumi Animal Pattern:  Amigurumi Dinosaur

  • Yarn Weight: Sport
  • Crochet Skill Levels: Advanced beginner-intermediate

Young boys adore this amigurumi dinosaur. It’s a straightforward project for those familiar with making Amigurumi patterns. When crafting these adorable crochet animals, be sure to use safety eyes to prevent any choking hazards.

Joan crafted this for her grandsons and mentioned that it was a delightful experience to see them open up their dinos

The best part is that the pattern includes instructions for creating an egg, allowing the dino to hatch properly.

Are you enjoying these free patterns for crochet animals? We certainly hope so. Please share your favorite in the comments or on social media. Amigurumi projects are among our team’s most cherished endeavors.

Amigurumi Unicorn

Photo Credit:

See Tutorial: Amigurumi Unicorn

The great thing about this unicorn is that you can completely customize the hair color. Jessica crafted this adorable animal for her daughter, who has a strong fondness for unicorns. She opted for different colors for the hair and tail, choosing glittery yarn to add a unique touch. 

Jessica mentioned that it was the ideal pattern for creating the perfect animal for her little one. It’s also a great pattern and easy project to make a great gift. She had several requests when she posted the finished amigurumi unicorn on social media. 

The pattern includes detailed step-by-step instructions and serves as a charming addition to her daughter’s room. It’s worth trying out different patterns regardless of your skill level. Sometimes, small projects like these free patterns for crochet animals can push us to learn new techniques which is a good thing.

Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern

Photo Credit:

See Tutorial: Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern

  • Yarn Weight:  Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Crochet Skill Levels: Advanced Beginner crocheters-intermediate

When I asked our team who wanted to take on this pattern, I received an overwhelming number of enthusiastic responses. Several of us crafted this adorable teddy bear, with a few incorporating color changes to create personalized and beautiful bears for their intended recipients.

This timeless crochet teddy bear pattern stands at around 9 inches when seated, making it an ideal size for virtually any age, should you consider gifting this endearing little bear.

I love its expressive face and how irresistibly cuddly it turns out! While perfect for advanced beginners, even a determined novice can successfully complete this project.

Whether intended as a decorative piece or a cherished teddy bear toy in a sweet baby nursery, this pattern offers versatility and charm.

Amigurumi Pig

How to Amigurumi Crochet
Photo Credit:

See Tutorial: Amigurumi Pig

  • Yarn Weight:  Knit Picks Wool
  • Crochet Skill Levels: Advanced Beginner crocheters-intermediate

By using the crochet chicken pattern along with these pigs, you can create an entire farm set. These creations are incredibly cute and can be made in a solid color or with various hues, like the purple one.

Having grown up on a farm and shown pigs in 4-H, these little pigs bring back memories of my own pigs. They may not have been pink and purple, but they were certainly adorable.

Jackie crafted this free amigurumi pattern for her daughter, who has a deep passion for farm animals.

Her daughter is truly obsessed with farm animals. Jackie also made her a matching Free Apron to go with her farm set so she could carry her animals in the pockets.

We’ve seen some of the most adorable photos in our group of her wearing the apron with all her little animals.

Amigurumi Jellyfish

Photo Credit:

See tutorial: Amigurumi Jellyfish

Printable PDF Pattern: Amigurumi Jellyfish

This charming jellyfish craft is a perfect way to entertain and delight a baby with its long, tickling tentacles.

Jessica used this free pattern to create one for her cherished new granddaughter. It turned out adorable, and she mentioned that the top is very easy to make, while the tentacles are more of an intermediate level.

Choose vibrant colors to add to the cheer of your underwater friend in this free pattern for crochet animals. However, it’s important to always supervise young children to avoid any potential choking hazards.

Amigurumi Lamb

Photo Credit:

See Tutorial: Amigurumi Lamb

This adorable little lamb is perfect for your little one to play with on their play mat or cuddle with during nap time. It also makes a wonderful gift for a baby shower.

It’s a fantastic pattern. I created this as part of the free patterns for crochet animals. I used one type of yarn for the body and face, and then a slightly fuzzier yarn for the body. This little guy turned out incredibly cute.

Amigurumi Penguin

Photo Credit:

See Tutorial: Amigurumi Penguin

PDF Version of Amigurumi Penguin

  • Yarn Weight: DK Yarn
  • Crochet Skill Levels: Advanced beginner-intermediate

This pattern utilizes the magic ring technique, and it’s recommended to have stitch markers. If you’re new to this technique, there are helpful tips available. Jackie crafted these little penguins for her Christmas decorations using her collection of scrap yarn. She shared a photo of her kitchen table adorned with them, and it looked adorable.

These crochet toys are perfect for honing your basic stitches. You’ll need a 2.75 mm crochet hook and either acrylic yarn or cotton yarn, depending on your preference.

Amigurumi Owl

free crochet animal patterns
Photo Credit:

See Tutorial: Amigurumi Owl

Crocheting this owl is a breeze – all you need are yarns, a crochet hook, pins, a tapestry yarn needle, and scissors. Don’t forget to have some black thread, brad pins, and felt on hand to add expressive details.

Similar to most amigurumi crochet animals, Mr. Owl’s body is created by crocheting in continuous spiral rounds.

Fill it with poly-fill for a plump, round shape. Follow the crochet patterns to craft the ears, wings, and eyes.

Once all the components are complete, assemble them by sewing with a tapestry needle. Finish off this adorable crochet owl by adding a charming yellow beak.

Kim crafted this for her niece, who has a vast collection of owls, using her favorite colors. She mentioned that this is an easy crochet animal pattern and that the finished stuffed animal is simply adorable.

She used vibrant colors and then made one for herself in a pink hue. If you are an experienced crocheter, this will be an easy pattern that will bring much delight to your home, or it will surely bring big smiles if you give it as a gift.

Crochet Chicken Pattern

Photo Credit:

See Tutorial: Crochet Chicken Pattern

  • Yarn Weight:  DK
  • Crochet Skill Levels: Advanced Beginner crocheters-intermediate

This adorable chick is a perfect addition to your farmhouse-themed kitchen or as a delightful playmate for a little one who loves yarn creatures.

Jane utilized this free pattern to craft an entire chicken family for her farmhouse kitchen, and they turned out incredibly cute. She displayed them in a wire basket on her open shelving.

This is among our favorite free patterns for crochet animals, but there are numerous options available when it comes to free Amigurumi crochet patterns.

Amigurumi Whale

Photo Credit:

See Tutorial: Amigurumi Whale

  • Yarn Weight:  DK
  • Crochet Skill Levels: Advanced Beginner crocheters-intermediate

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of crochet with these delightful crochet whales! Crafted with meticulous detail, these charming aquatic creatures add a touch of joy to your crochet adventures.

Picture creating your own pod of endearing whales, each one a unique expression of your creativity.

Designed for crocheters of all levels, these patterns effortlessly blend simplicity with charm. Whether you’re a beginner venturing into your first amigurumi project or an experienced crafter seeking a relaxing endeavor, these crochet whales are a delightful choice.

Jane created these whales for an ocean-themed nursery, and they were the perfect addition to the room. They are soft enough for little ones to play with and can also be displayed on shelves as decorations.

With so many possibilities among these free patterns for crochet animals, how will you choose? We hope we’ve made it a bit challenging for you, but that you ultimately find the perfect pattern. Be sure to share your creation on social media!

Free Patterns for Crochet Animals

Photo Credit:

Check Out Tutorials21 Free Amigurumi crochet Patterns

For those seeking additional Amigurumi crochet patterns, there are more free patterns for crochet animals available for you to explore.

Simply click the link below to discover these charming amigurumi animals.

Amigurumi Bee

crochet bee pattern
Photo Credit:

Check Out Tutorials Amigurumi Bee

These bee patterns are adorable and crafted in the amigurumi style. These 9 patterns are suitable for crocheters of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed creating these bees and is delighted to share them with you.

Have you discovered some free patterns for crochet animals to try out? We certainly hope so. Our objective is to provide you with patterns that you can crochet over a weekend for gifts or to enhance your home decor.

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