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10 Dinosaur Crochet Patterns

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Whether you love dinosaur crochet patterns to make as gifts or to add to your collection today we are bringing you free dinosaur crochet patterns (a few are paid PDF on Etsy).  You will need a stitch marker and tapestry needle for many of the free pattern ideas below. 

Each one comes with detailed instructions and just as a reminder use safety eyes if giving as a great gift to small children. 

T-Rex Dinosaur Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: bumcraftcrochet.com

Download Pattern

This free crochet pattern features a lovable T-Rex with tiny arms and large feet. It’s available with both written instructions using common stitches like single crochet and double crochet and a detailed video tutorial, making it accessible for various skill levels 

Crochet Triceratops Pattern

Photo Credit: thenicolechase.com

Download Pattern 

Meet Tanner, an adorable dinosaur amigurumi great pattern designed especially for beginners. When sitting down, Tanner stands at approximately 10 inches tall, stretching up to 13 inches when standing. His charming, cuddly appearance makes him the perfect gift for any dinosaur enthusiast or a delightful addition to your own collection.With clear instructions, he is easy to make and irresistibly cute, Tanner is sure to bring smiles and prehistoric fun to all who encounter him.

Stegosaurus Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: MrsChanceCrochet

​Download Pattern 

This little guy measures about 8 inches and makes such a sweet gift. Customize him with color changes using your medium weight yarn.  This Amigurumi dinosaur is ready for a new home. Don’t forget if you are making this as a finished toy to use 8mm safety eyes. He’s the perfect size as a little dino toy or a snuggle for bedtime. 

Brontosaurus Amigurumi

Photo Credit: KnotTooShabbyCrochet

Download Pattern

This delightful pattern has over 3200 5 star reviews. It’s more of an intermediate crochet pattern. It makes the perfect dinosaur softie for nap or bed time. It’s an easy pattern if you have been crocheting for a while. Grab the digital download and get started today on this with the step-by-step instructions. He measures approximately 6×5″ but you can definitely make the crochet project bigger. 

Dinosaur Crochet Blanket

Photo Credit: CraftyMazDesigns

Download Pattern: 

This is the perfect pattern for those who love dinosaurs. It’s so much fun to make and perfect for nap time or to crawl up and read a good book.  This dino pattern makes a great finished product that measures approximately 34×34″

Dinosaur Blanket Crochet Pattern

Photo credit: CraftingHappinessUK

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Can you imagine your kids or grandkids wrapped up in this hooded dinosaur blanket? PS there is also an adult size chart. She has great instructions and if you need additional information you can simply message her.  It has a ton of 5-star reviews.

Brachiosaurus Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: KnotNookCo

Download Pattern: 

From your color choices and your first stitch you will fall in love with this dinosaur crochet patterns.  The pattern uses basic stitches  and a 5 mm crochet hook. Simply add one of the dinosaur blankets and you have the perfect gift as a child’s toy. The best part is she has included some video tutorials in case you are a visual learner.

Dinosaur Hat Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: etsy.com/shop/IRAROTT

Download Pattern: 

When we saw this pattern, we knew we just had to make it. We have a little boy that is obsessed with dinosaurs. It’s actually perfect for dinosaur lovers of all ages because how fun would this be in the winter to keep you warm or while skiing?  This is such a fun option to make.

Dinosaur Cat Hat Pattern

Photo Credit: HatsonCatsCrochet 

Download Pattern: 

So our cat is not a fan of wearing their crochet hat but instead use it as a dinosaur toy.  We have a ton of other crochet hat patterns 

Crochet Dinosaur Pillow

Photo Credit: marynacrochetdesign

Download Pattern

How cute would this be in a kids room or in a read nook? You can totally change the main color. You will use worsted weight yarn and the dinosaur uses just a little bit of yarn so you can definitely use your yarn stash. 

These patterns range in difficulty from easy to intermediate, so there’s something for every skill level. If you are looking for more Amigurumi patterns we have you covered. You can click Amigurumi patterns to see all we have. 

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