10 Easy Crochet Motif Patterns

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These crochet motif patterns are super cute and fun to make.  We found our 10 favorites. Some are free and some the designer is offering them on Etsy.  We will start with free crochet patterns for the crochet motifs. 

Giraffe Crochet Pattern

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Download Giraffe crochet pattern

This is the cutest granny square and you will be so excited that it comes with free patterns.  This would be adorable for a baby blanket. She has a collection of crochet animals that if you put them together would make the perfect baby blanket. 

Lace Granny square

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Download Pattern

How gorgeous is this lace granny square. If you put these together, you could make a beautiful cardigan or table runner.  This is perfect for all skill levels of crocheters. This square design is so dainty but beautiful. 

Crochet Motif Patterns

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Download Pattern

She makes the suggestion to use these in crochet projects like a quilt, or shawl. This would be so gorgeous for that. I also think this would be beautiful as a table runner or cardigan.  The best part of this pattern, is it’s really easy and so anyone can do this for their next project. Grab the free digital download and make the full motif

Square Motif Crochet Patterns

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Download Pattern

These square motif patterns are perfect when you put the crochet square together to make a blanket. There are no new crochet techniques when making these. It’s just an easy granny square pattern. I use worsted weight yarn all the time to make these square patterns. 

Motif Crochet Pattern

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Download pattern

 This tutorial has both a written tutorial and a video tutorial. This small motif is so pretty. I made them for coasters. They turned out so cute and were really easy to make. This pattern is so cute and can be used for so many crochet projects. 

Flower Crochet Pattern

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Download Pattern

These are adorable. You can easily use these crochet motif patterns to make a variety of crochet projects.  Can you think of projects you can use them for?  I hope so and if you need some ideas you can message me on Facebook. 

Crochet Cropped Sweater

Crochet Granny Square Tops
Photo credit: AXXA-RSF Design

Download Pattern

This signature granny square sweater from AXXA-RSF Designs is known as the DARIA crop top. It’s easy to create and stylish to wear, showcasing basic stitches and simple shapes. The design features oversized sleeves and a wide V-neckline, which can also be styled with open shoulders.

Daisy Granny Square Blanket

Crochet blanket granny square
Photo Credit: ACraftyConcept

Download Pattern

Each one of these crochet motif patterns can be the same colors or you can use your yarn stash and make each petal a different colors. You can then put them together to make a variety of crochet projects like a top, bag, blanket or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Crochet Motif Squares

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Download Pattern

These lace squares can easily be used in a variety of projects.  The hearts in the center are absolutely beautiful and can easily be joined together to make a cardigan, table runner or blanket. This would be precious as a baby blanket. 

Crochet Afghan Pattern

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Download Pattern

Lisa’s take on this pattern is so pretty. It makes a great afghan to snuggle up with while you are watching TV or reading a good book, or give it as a gift to your friend or as a baby shower gift. Either way, it will be loved for many generations to come.

So many pretty crochet motif patterns. For over 100+ free crochet patterns, make sure and check out our page where we update it weekly with new patterns. 

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