3 crochet owl patterns completed in brown, yellow and tan

50+ Animal Crochet Patterns

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if you love Amigurumi patterns these 10 sets of patterns are perfect for an afternoon of crocheting.

Chicken Crochet Patterns

3 chickens including a white, brown and black chicken crochet patterns
Photo Credit: Sugaringathome

See Chicken crochet Patterns

We have 5 adorable chicken crochet patterns. They are the perfect addition to a farmhouse look or a sweet farm nursery. See all the patterns above and make sure and share your finished chicken on our Facebook page.

Crochet Dog Patterns

2 dogs one white and one brown and white shaggy
Photo Credit: jenhayescreations.com

See crochet dog patterns

Our collection of 5 crochet dog patterns are so adorable. They are the perfect gift for any dog lover or to give as a gift to a little one who is obsessed with dogs.

The patterns are easy to make and are ready for a new home. Check out all 5 patterns and find your favorite one to make.

Amigurumi Animal Patterns

Photo Credit:gathered.how

See Amigurumi animal patterns

We have compiled a list of our favorite 21 patterns for amigurumi animals. They range from jelly fish to whales and of course cats and dogs.

They are all adorable and just waiting for you to make and keep for yourself or give as a gift.

Animal Crochet Patterns

brown and cream amigurumi monkey. Easy crochet animal patterns
Photo Credit: KristiTullus

See animal crochet patterns

This little one is so cute. I made one for a baby shower and it was a huge hit. If you know how to do Amigurumi you can easily make this one.

Crochet Unicorn Pattern

white unicorn with pink hair and horn
Photo Credit: jesshuff.com

See Crochet Unicorn Pattern

This free pattern is so precious. You can easily customize it with different colored hair. Please make sure if you are giving it to a younger child to use safety eyes.

Amigurumi Jelly Fish

purple and turquise jelly fish
Photo Credit: www.1dogwoof.com

See Amigurumi Jelly Fish

My friend’s daughter is having twins in about 6 weeks and so we used this pattern to make 2 Amigurumi jelly fish. One in pink and one in blue.

This is such a great pattern that is easy to do if you have done Amigurumi before and know basic crochet stitches.

Amigurumi Owl

free crochet animal patterns
Photo Credit: www.craftpassion.com

See Amigurumi owl

Crafting this owl with crochet is a simple task – all you require are yarns, a crochet hook, pins, a tapestry yarn needle, and scissors. Additionally, be sure to have some black thread, brad pins, and felt on hand to incorporate expressive details.

Amigurumi Bee

crochet bee pattern
Photo credit: Mufficorn 

see Amigurumi Bee Patterns

These bee patterns are charming and created in the amigurumi style. These 9 patterns are appropriate for crocheters of all skill levels, ranging from novices to seasoned crafters.

Amigurumi Cat

 Photo Credit: kristitullus.com

See Amigurumi cat patterns

These lively little cats are a great addition to any office desk or home office. They serve as an ideal gift for the cat enthusiasts in your family or within your circle of friends.

Crochet Teddy Bear Pattern

tan teddy bear with cream nose

See Crochet teddy bear pattern

At a seated height of around 9 inches, this classic crochet teddy bear pattern is perfect for gifting to individuals of all ages.

I love its expressive face and the irresistibly cuddly result! While it’s great for advanced beginners, even a determined novice can successfully complete this project.

Whether it’s meant as a decorative item or a cherished set of teddy bears in a sweet baby nursery, this pattern offers versatility and charm.

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