Easy crochet blanket patterns in pinks shades

50+ Crochet Blanket Patterns

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We have an entire library of crochet blanket patterns. Here are a few of our favorites. Many have 5+ patterns on each post.

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

Easy crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

This is a great blanket for beginners to learn to crochet. The pattern is very straight forward and easy to follow. You can easily change the color and sizes if making a gift or for home decor. To learn more:

Granny Square Blanket

Photo Credit: www.lionbrand.com

Granny square blanket pattern

This is such an easy pattern. If you can make a granny square you will simply make enough for the blanket size you are desiring. We have a blanket chart if you need that. Simply make your squares and attach them.

Moss Stitch Baby Blanket

Photo Credit: www.yarnandchai.com

Moss Stitch pattern

Well, the moss stitch blanket pattern is just what you need! It’s super easy for beginners to master, and the best part is, you can customize it to your heart’s content. Whether you want to play with different colors or experiment with various yarn textures, this pattern is your creative playground. 

Crochet Blanket Pattern

Baby afghan crochet pattern
Photo credit: ambassadorcrochet

Crochet Blanket Pattern

This is such a great beginner’s crochet pattern. You can use your favorite colors or customize it for a baby blanket. This is such a great pattern with a ton of instructions and photos.

Granny Square Blanket Patterns

Granny square blanket patterns

We have 5 granny square blanket patterns in the link above. So many beautiful patterns that are easy to make. They can be used for your home decor or to give as a gift.

Crochet Blanket Pattern

crochet blanket with brightly colored yarn
Photo Credit: StoutosStuff

Crochet blanket pattern

We compiled our favorite 5 crochet blanket patterns that are perfect no matter your skill level. This pattern above uses all your excess yarn stash and you simply use a different stitch for each line. It is one of my favorite patterns.

Bernat Blanket Pattern

bernat blanket pattern
Photo Credit: MouseAndThimble

Download Bernat blanket pattern

I love the softness of Bernat yarn. This blanket is the best one to wrap up in a chair with a good book and spend a rainy or cold day. The pattern is easy to follow and has a ton of great instructions.

Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

yellow crochet blanket
Photo Credit: ICanCrochetThatShop 

Download Easy crochet blanket Pattern

You will love the texture of this blanket. You can easily do multiple colors or do it like she did above with 1 solid color. The different textures are beautiful and make a great gift.

Baby Afghan Patterns

white blue, tan and peach crochet blanket
Photo Credit: DaisyCottageDesigns

See all baby afghan patterns

We have compiled our favorite 9 baby afghan patterns above. Some are definitely for beginners while some you will want to have had a little bit of experience to be able to do this with confidence.

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

brown afghan withmulti colored hearts
Photo Credit: CottonAndWoolCrochet 

Download Easy crochet baby blanket patterns

It is always nice to have some baby blanket patterns you can easily whip up. We have compiled 5 easy baby blanket patterns that can be customized for the nursery colors. Many of these are also perfect for home decor.

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