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9 Crochet Hat Patterns Free, Cozy, and Easy To Make

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I don’t love being cold in the winter, and my head is the place where I get the coldest. I needed a new winter hat, so I went on a hunt for crochet hat patterns free for beginners.

I found several and made several and got some of my fellow crochet friends to make some, so we can give you the details. 

​If you are looking for lots of texture but easy crochet patterns, this is for you. I am definitely more of a beginner crocheter, so I love patterns with simple crochet stitches and a great pattern that explains things in super easy terms. 

I hope you love these crochet hat patterns free for all to use and if you come across one that you just know needs to be added to the list, email it to me or post it in the comments, and we will check it out. 

Crochet Supplies:

I have highlighted the specific yarn used in each of the patterns below, but there are a few things that help me with my crocheting:

Crochet Hat Size Chart

Photo Credit:

Download this chart to your phone or to your computer, as you will want it as a reference for any of the hat patterns below.

It just helps to make the written pattern easier to read when you are deciding on how much yarn you will need for your project.  

By the way if you are new to crocheting and not sure what all the symbols and stuff mean on the yarn label make sure and check out how to read a yarn label. It’s all in an easy guide for you to follow.

Crochet Sun Hat

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern Crochet Sun Hat

Have you ever bought a straw hat only to have it fall apart? This crochet sun hat includes a free pattern and is sturdy enough to be put in a suitcase. She does include different sizes if your head is bigger, like mine. 

Our friend Kim made this hat as she lives in California near the beach and said it was the perfect hat to keep the sun off her face and to keep her from getting sunburn.  I use mine during the Texas summer when we are out and about. 

 I am a natural red head, and we burn like burgers on the grill. I can’t go out into the sun without my sunscreen and my crochet sun hat. It takes about 5 minutes for me to look like a tomato, and I am not risking skin cancer, so if you see me, you will see my hat. 

Women’s Crochet Beanie Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Pattern Crochet Beanie Pattern

  • Crochet Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Yarn weight: (4) Worsted
  • Suggested yarn: Premier Yarns

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the beanies I have made are just too hot. I want my ears to stay warm, but not to feel like I am in a sauna. This free crochet pattern has changed that.

​The open stitches incorporated in this beanie facilitate air circulation, while the snug stitches on the band ensure your ears stay comfortably warm.

Enhance its style by adding a playful faux fur pom pom on top, and for a chic winter look, pair it with a matching cowl for a fashionable day out.

Now, if your personal style isn’t to have a yarn pom pom on the top of your head, simply leave it off. I did love that this friendly pattern was simple to make for keeping me warm on cold days. 

Messy Bun Beanie

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern Messy Bun Beanie

  • Crochet Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Yarn weight: (4) Worsted weight yarn
  • Suggested yarn: Lion Brand

When it comes to wearing crochet hats, I love messy bun hats. I want my hair up and out of my face, especially when it’s cold outside. I found this pattern to be straight forward and easy. 

​Here are some great features of this beanie: Beyond a mere fashion statement, messy bun hats serve as a functional and integral component of winter accessories.

Crafted similarly to a beanie, this particular messy bun hat is created around an elastic ponytail at the top. The incorporation of bean stitches and half double crochets in the third loop introduces a delightful texture to this charming bun hat.

ie this is a great hat if you want to keep your hair up in the winter but want your ears nice and toasty whether you are out running errands or watching a football game. This pattern fits the bill and I have no doubt you will enjoy making it. 

Make sure and show off your messy bun beanie in our Facebook group. We love seeing your creations when you have used new patterns. 

Free Crochet Men’s Beanie Pattern

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern Free Crochet Men’s Beanie Pattern

  • Crochet Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Yarn weight: (4) Worsted weight yarn
  • Best yarn: Lion Brand

This is a great beanie to practice your basic crochet stitches, especially a post stitch. I made one for my nephew, as he trains hunting dogs and does guided hunts, and he is outside all day long in the cold.

I love that it’s warm enough to keep his head warm, but light enough that he can throw it in a pocket.

I asked him if it kept him warm, and he said it sure did. Maybe his dogs need a hat too? What do you think? 

Have you seen some crochet hat patterns free that you love so far? Crochet projects are such a great way to keep us young and to bless someone with a special gift or ourselves. 

Easy Crochet Beanie

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern Easy Crochet Beanie

  • Crochet Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Yarn weight: (4) Worsted weight yarn
  • Best yarn:Caron One Pound 

Kirsten created this pattern as a donation for a cancer charity. I love how simple it is, and you can use different colors for this easy pattern, which by the way, is great for a beginner crocheter or use yarn with multi colors. 

She says it is for men and boys, but I will confess after I tried on the one I made for my friend battling cancer, I found my favorite girly yarn and created a few winter hats for my granddaughters and myself.

This is a pattern you could use for your whole family. My friend Janice created matching ones with super bright colors for their family’s ski trip so she could keep up with her kids and easily find them. Such a great idea. 

Crochet Beanie

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern  Crochet Beanie

  • Crochet Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Yarn weight: (4) Worsted weight yarn
  • Best yarn:Red Heart Super Saver 

This free crochet beanie pattern is perfect for all of you who love skiing or are like my dad and is out feeding his ducks, pigeons and doggies when it’s so cold outside. This hat definitely keeps your ears warm and can be tied. 

​If you are a beginner, the hat may look a little more complicated, but Kirsten is great at using basic stitches in her patterns. I really like her hat patterns. All of them make a great project even for a beginner crocheted beanie. 

The bottom of the hat does have the strings for just a fashion statement or to tie it. If you prefer not to have that, simply take it off. This hat covers a lot of area of your face and is great if you live somewhere really cold. 

Beginner Crochet Hat

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern  Beginner Crochet Hat

When I first saw this slouchy hat pattern, I was obsessed. I love the contracting colors on the bottom of the hat, and although I didn’t put the yarn pom pom on the top of the hat, I loved making this cozy hat. 

Creating this simple and beginner-friendly crochet beanie is a breeze if you can crochet a rectangle. The knit-like appearance is accomplished by working in the back loop only. I love that she gives you a ton of different ideas to vary this beanie hat, and of course, it’s an easy project that makes great gifts and can be done in a million different color combinations. 

Crochet Monster Hat

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern  Crochet Monster Hat

  • Crochet Skill Level: Advanced Beginner-Intermediate
  • Yarn weight: (4) Worsted weighted yarn
  • Suggested yarn: Red Heart With Love 

I think these monster hats are super cute. Not my personal style when it comes to beanie crochet patterns but I think if you love it, make it and wear it proudly. 

​My grandkids loved them and because she has different sizes listed, it was easy to make. Some of the little details did take some time to figure out and that is why I put this for intermediate crocheters.

If you are a beginner, you will probably just need to get a little help or watch a few videos to help you with this type of hat.  The outcome though is totally worth the extra time it might take you. 

Imagine making these for your kids as they play outside in the snow or while they ski. You definitely could keep up with them and where they are.  

These hats really are precious and could easily be passed down throughout the generations. 

By the way, you will need a tapestry needle to help put all the smaller pieces together to connect all of your pieces to complete your hat. 

Crochet Floppy Hat

Photo Credit:

Download Crochet Pattern  Crochet floppy Hat

If you love a floppy hat during the summer to keep you from getting sunburned, this hat is a great project for you.

My friend Sue made this hat and she said that yes there are some basic crochet stitches but you will need to learn some new stitches. Is anyone up for a challenge?

This guide incorporates chains, double crochets, and reverse single crochet (also known as crab stitch). To achieve the desired shape and stiffness, it’s recommended to use heavy starch during the process.

If you still call yourself a beginner but don’t mind taking a little bit of time to learn some new crochet stitches, then go for it. You can always pop into a Facebook group and ask for help from experienced crocheters. 

Gosh, so many amazing crochet hat patterns free for you to try. You can also check out YouTube for a video tutorial if you aren’t sure about a particular crochet stitch the pattern calls for. 

If you love these patterns you will love our collection of free crochet hat patterns and more that we have compiled for you. Here are some of the favorite patterns our tribe of crocheters on our email list love.

Please don’t forget to always show love to our designers. Taking all the photos, creating the pattern, and putting everything together is a lot of work.

Leaving them a comment simply saying thank you is such a great way for them to feel loved. 

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