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10 Crochet Angel Patterns

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Our community loves crochet angel patterns, and we can’t wait to show you 10 of our favorite ones from our favorite designers. We do have more angel ornament pattern below you should also check out.

Grace Angel

Photo Credit: oombawkadesigncrochet.com

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Discover the enchanting Grace Angel pattern, featuring a delicate halo and a long, flowing skirt adorned with elegant ruffles. Perfect for adding a touch of celestial beauty to your craft projects.

Lacy Angel Ornament

Photo Credit: .5littlemonsters.com

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Adorn your home with a charming lacy angel ornament, perfect for decor or as a hanging ornament. This sweet angel adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any setting.

Guardian Angel

Photo Credit: CrochetingEducator

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Create a serene and protective presence with our Guardian Angel pattern, featuring two muted colors. Perfect for adding a subtle, yet meaningful touch to your craft projects.

Angel Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: StitchbyFay 

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Craft a heavenly touch with our angel crochet pattern, featuring delicate wings and a rounded head. Ideal for enhancing your home decor or adding a festive charm to your Christmas decorations

Crochet Angel Pattern

Photo Credit: crochettoplay.com

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Create a heartfelt masterpiece with our crochet angel pattern, featuring a delicate halo and a charming red heart. Perfect for adding a touch of love and elegance to your home decor or gift projects

Christmas Angel Pattern

Photo Credit: CraftygenesIndonesia

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Illuminate your space with our exquisite angel design, featuring an opening for a flameless candle. Perfect for adding a warm, angelic glow to your home decor or special occasions.

Angel Wings Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: ElkeEderDesign 

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Craft a symbol of love and protection with our crochet angel wing pattern, featuring a delicate small heart in the center. Perfect for adding a heartfelt touch to your projects and decor.

Holly Angel Pattern

Photo Credit: oombawkadesigncrochet.com

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Create a festive and heavenly touch with our angel pattern, featuring a delicate halo and hands holding holly. Perfect for adding a charming holiday spirit to your decor or craft projects.

Amigurumi Angel Pattern

Photo Credit: amigurumi.vasat.ne

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Craft a beautiful angel with our pattern featuring flowing brown hair and a lovely purple dress. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and charm to your home decor or special projects. If you don’t love the colors simply change the colors.

Crochet Angel Amigurumi Free Pattern

Photo Credit: amigurumiallfreepatterns.com

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These little crochet angel Amigurumi free patterns make the perfect doll or toy for little ones. They would also be cute for a kids nativity scene. Make sure and start the pattern for a fun crochet pattern to make.

How sweet are all these angels? I hope you found a few that you are going to make. Here are Angel ornaments that are perfect for your Christmas tree.

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