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11 Easy Crochet Angel Ornaments Pattern For Christmas

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Hey there, fellow crochet enthusiasts! Can you feel that hint of crispness in the air? Yes, the holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about decking the halls with a dose of cozy charm.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably itching to dive into some delightful yarny projects. Well, today, we’ve got a heavenly treat in store for you – crochet angel ornament patterns!

When it comes to adding a dash of handmade warmth to your holiday decor, angels are the ultimate celestial choice.

They symbolize peace, love, and all things magical about this time of year. But, here’s the kicker: they’re not just for hanging on the tree.

These little crocheted wonders make for fantastic gifts, wonderful heirlooms, and charming accents to your holiday setup.

More Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns

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Vintage Crochet Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy

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Discover the magic of years past with our Vintage 1970s crochet pattern to create six exquisite Christmas Angels. These delightful angel Christmas ornaments will adorn your Christmas tree with timeless elegance.

The finished angels stand at a charming 3-1/2 inches in height and are 2-1/2 inches wide at the base. While the pattern suggests using crochet cotton size 10, you have the flexibility to adjust the size by selecting a different yarn weight.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Evoke a sense of nostalgia and grace with these crochet angels, perfect for adding a vintage touch to your holiday decor.

Get ready to crochet these heavenly ornaments and bring a touch of classic charm to your festivities.  A pair of pristine angels make a great gift for anyone who loves vintage.

Crochet Angel Ornament

Photo Credit: Etsy

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Crafting this charming angel is a breeze, yet its presence on your tree is nothing short of captivating. Experiment with various colors for a truly dazzling display.

Skill Level: Beginner

Finished Dimensions: Approximately 4.5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide

Materials You’ll need:

  • About 1 ounce of light blue worsted weight yarn (Size 4)
  • A 5.0mm (H) crochet hook
  • Soft fiberfill for stuffing
  • A trusty stitch marker
  • A pair of scissors
  • A yarn needle or tapestry needle

Create a heavenly addition to your holiday decorations with this beginner-friendly crochet pattern. This little angel will grace your tree with simplicity and charm.

Get your crochet hook ready and make your tree shine!  You can easily customize this for each family member making a beautiful crochet angel.

Crochet Angel Ornaments

Photo Credit: Etsy

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These charming little angels are crafted with bedspread weight crochet thread, offering endless possibilities.

While they make delightful Christmas tree ornaments, you can also crochet them in a rainbow of colors for little ones to enjoy year-round.

The pictures above showcase just a few of the color variations available, and you’ll find five unique crochet designs to explore.

These versatile thread angels are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your holiday tree and providing endless crafting opportunities for all occasions.

Dive into the world of thread crochet and let your creativity take flight in your next stitch. 

They make a lovely gift  and are perfect for a last-minute gift. This simple crochet Christmas ornament will be loved for generations. 

Crochet Angel Christmas Ornaments

Photo Credit: Etsy

Download Pattern

Crafting these delightful crochet angel ornaments is a breeze, making it a wonderful project for using up leftover yarn. The included PDF pattern comes with various helpful features:

  • Traditional Written Instructions
  •  Large Font (Size 13-14) for easy reading
  • Most Photos Consolidated at the end, saving ink when you print
  • A Convenient Link to a Video Tutorial

Materials You’ll Require:

  • Size 4 cotton yarn (Exact amounts, recommended brands, and colors provided)
  • Crochet Hook, Size 5 mm (H)
  • A trusty pair of scissors
  • A yarn needle for seamless finishing
  • A 20mm Wooden Round Bead to add an exquisite touch

Create these crochet angel ornaments effortlessly and efficiently, and give your holiday decor a handmade twist.

This pattern is not only quick and easy, but also environmentally friendly, as it helps reduce yarn waste. Ready to make your simple crocheted Christmas ornament?  This is the perfect angel crochet pattern to use to do just that.

Crochet Angel Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy

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These charming crocheted angels are the ideal adornment for your Christmas tree or enhancing your holiday abode. They also the perfect project to make wonderful gifts or can be crafted to sell at craft fairs. 

The pattern includes detailed instructions for creating five unique angels, each with its own distinctive dress design. These are such cute patterns and so much fun to make. I have them on my Christmas tree this year. 

Materials Required:

  • Crochet cotton thread, bedspread weight #10
  • 3 3/4-inch round slotted clothes pins/pegs

Craft these lovely angels to add a touch of handmade elegance to your holiday celebrations. With a variety of dress designs to choose from, your creations will stand out and bring joy to any festive setting. 

Angel Crochet Patterns

Photo Credit:

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Looking to breathe life into any room with a touch of charm? Look no further than a free crochet amigurumi angel ornament pattern!

Placing this unique creation on a tabletop instantly transforms your dining area into an inviting and carefully curated space. Want to make it perfect for the holiday season?

Add a sweet little bell, and it’s ready to shine as a charming Christmas ornament. 

Using a combination of chain stitches, sl st, single crochet slip stitch, and double crochet, you’ll complete the rounds of this delightful project.

This free crochet angel pattern is the perfect gift to yourself or to someone you love. Happy crocheting this free pattern.

Free Crochet Angel Patterns

Photo Credit:

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Elevate your mantle or Christmas tree decoration game with these exquisite crochet angels. These delicate, lacy crochet angels bring an adorable charm when showcased.

Create a design adorned with an abundance of hearts, and you can use it as a charming fridge magnet or even as a dainty bookmark.

The secret to this pattern lies in the unique double crochet decrease stitch. Craft the angel’s sleeves, wings, halo, heart-shaped base, and lovely hair to complete this heavenly project.

Crochet Angel Patterns

Photo Credit:

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Embrace the world of crochet patterns with a charming small angel pattern that’s bound to captivate crochet lovers.

This delightful crochet angel ornament pattern offers the perfect excuse to get those hooks moving. Craft this exquisite angel, and watch it find a place of honor anywhere around your home.

To begin, shape the angel’s head with a simple circle, and from there, work your magic, moving back and forth to create the body.

Starting from the underside of the head, continue working in this manner until you’ve crafted the lovely dress, adding a touch of handmade elegance to your surroundings.

Crochet Angel Patterns Free

Photo Credit:

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Why limit the joy of an angel pattern to just Christmas? This versatile creation can be the perfect addition to your year-round décor, spreading cheer whenever you need it.

Crafting it is as straightforward as crocheting a triangle. Using basic stitches like single crochet, chain, and slip stitch, you can fashion the angel’s body.

Don’t forget to add a tiny ball to create the angel’s head, and sew some buttons onto the dress for a touch of whimsical charm. This crochet angel is ready to bring a smile to your space, no matter the season.

Free Angel Crochet Patterns

Photo credit:

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Craft a charming little angel ornament in just a single hour and delight in the joy of gifting your loved ones.

These favorite projects feature an open granny squares stitch pattern, allowing the twinkling lights to shine through when you hang it on your tree.

You’ll create the entire angel using simple single and double crochet stitches, as well as the clever invisible increase and decrease techniques. 

Additionally, remember to leave an ample 8-inch starting bookmark tail, and work your angel on the right side for a seamless finish. This free crochet pattern is a quick and rewarding crochet project with a touch of magic.

Crochet Nativity

Photo Credit:

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An essential inclusion in your handmade crochet nativity scene is this charming and uncomplicated crochet angel with a rustic touch. It features a wider base, akin to any standing project you’ve worked on before.

To begin, create a magic ring and stuff it to form the angel’s head. Craft the chains and, upon completing the head, break the yarn, ensuring to leave a long tail at the end of the row. Seam up the remaining hole using the tail for a neat finish.

Next, crochet angel wings and halo, and attach the halo securely with a touch of hot glue. This project effortlessly adds a touch of handmade charm to your nativity scene.

I can’t wait to see your crochet angel ornaments. Find the perfect pattern for you and use your favorite colored yarn and pattern to make the perfect Christmas ornaments.

Angel crafts are such a great way along with our other Crochet Christmas ornaments.

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