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10 Fall Crochet Patterns

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We love fall. When the weather is changing and it isn’t hot as heck outside. these 10 fall crochet patterns are perfect to add cute crochet patterns to your home decor. Let’s see our favorite 10 patterns.

Crochet Pumpkins

Photo Credit: stitching-together.com

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Discover a delightful crochet pumpkin pattern perfect for autumn decor! This easy-to-follow guide is great for beginners and seasoned crafters alike, offering step-by-step instructions to create charming, handmade pumpkins. Ideal for adding a cozy, festive touch to your home Love these fall crochet patterns.

Trick or Treat Bags

Photo Credit: loopsandlovecrochet.com

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Create a fun and festive crochet trick-or-treat bag that looks like a pumpkin! This easy-to-follow pattern offers instructions for making a charming bag in orange or black, perfect for Halloween. Ideal for both beginners and experienced crafters looking to add a handmade touch to the spooky season.

Fall Gnomes

Photo Credit: LucyMagicPattern

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Add a touch of whimsy to your autumn decor with a set of 4 crochet fall gnomes! This delightful pattern set includes detailed instructions for creating charming gnomes, perfect for beginners and experienced crafters. Celebrate the season with these handmade, cozy decorations.

Fall Gnome Wreath

Photo Credit: SquibberlyRose

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Enhance your autumn decor with a charming fall gnome crochet wreath! This detailed pattern provides step-by-step instructions to create a whimsical wreath featuring adorable gnomes, perfect for welcoming the season. Ideal for both beginners and experienced crafters looking to add a handmade touch to their home.

Crochet Candy Pattern

Photo Credit: virkadia.com

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Get ready for Halloween with 3 delightful crochet candy patterns! This set offers easy-to-follow instructions for creating charming, handmade treats that are perfect for festive decor or as unique gifts. Suitable for all skill levels, these patterns add a sweet touch to your spooky celebrations.

Indian Corn Pattern

Photo Credit: makezine.com

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Create a festive touch for your autumn decor with this Indian corn crochet pattern! This easy-to-follow guide provides detailed instructions to craft realistic and charming Indian corn, perfect for Thanksgiving and fall displays. Suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters.

Candy Corn Hot Pad

Photo credit: sarahfaithcrafts.com

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Brighten up your kitchen this fall with a crochet candy corn hot pad! This delightful pattern provides step-by-step instructions to create a fun and functional hot pad, perfect for adding a festive touch to your autumn decor. Aren’t these cute fall crochet patterns.

Turkey Coasters

Photo credit: craftpassion.com

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Add a festive touch to your Thanksgiving table with crochet turkey coasters! This easy-to-follow pattern provides detailed instructions to create adorable and functional coasters, perfect for holiday gatherings. Great for both beginners and experienced crafters looking to enhance their seasonal decor.

Crochet Turkey Pattern

Photo Credit: petalstopicots.com

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Enhance your Thanksgiving decor with a charming crochet turkey for your table! This detailed pattern offers step-by-step instructions to create an adorable, handmade turkey that makes a perfect centerpiece or festive accent. Suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters.

Crochet Autumn Wreath

Photo Credit: JuliiaPyha 

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Welcome the season with a beautiful fall crochet autumn wreath! This comprehensive pattern provides step-by-step instructions to create a stunning wreath featuring autumn leaves, flowers, and festive accents. Perfect for both beginners and experienced crafters looking to add a handmade touch to their home decor.

I hope you love our fall crochet patterns. So many cute patterns from amazing designers. If you want Christmas ornaments check out these patterns.

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  1. All of these pictures of patterns or examples look so fun. I sure would like to get copies of the patterns if at all possible Thank You, Sue Nechville

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