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10 Easy Crochet Summer Tops

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Check out these 7 captivating crochet summer tops, designed to be both exquisite and enjoyable to craft. With a grasp of the straightforward granny square pattern, you can effortlessly create charming attire or delightful gifts.

Crochet Crop Top

Photo Credit: LadyDylana

Crochet Granny square Tops patternCrochet Crop Top

You can create a shorter version of this crochet top with 16 squares or opt for a longer version with 24 squares. Each square incorporates 5 different colors, with “cotton” being used for the final round of single crochet.

The showcased top is tailored for Women US size S/M, with each square measuring 6 inches (15.24 cm). The short version spans 13 inches (33.02 cm) in length, while the longer version extends to 19 inches (48.26 cm). An 8-page pattern tutorial PDF, complete with formatted images, is available.

Crochet Summer Tops

Photo Credit: HandyLittleMe

Crochet Granny square Tops patternCrochet Top Pattern

This square crop top is perfect for summer wear, available in a range of sizes: XS/S (34-36 inches bust), M/L (38-40 inches bust), XL/2XL (42-44 inches bust), 3XL/4XL (44-46 inches bust), and 5XL (48 inches bust).

The pattern is user-friendly, and should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out on Etsy where the designer is readily available to assist. This top boasts broad straps and is crafted to reach the waistline.

Crochet Tank Top Pattern

Photo Credit: Karmapatternboutic

Crochet Granny square Tops patternCrochet Tank Top Pattern

This straightforward granny square crochet pattern comprises 8 pages of detailed instructions alongside a helpful video tutorial. Its digital format ensures ease of use, offering sizing options from S to 2XL.

Featuring optional shoulder straps, this adorable crochet shirt is perfect for the summertime. Utilize natural fibers or yarn scraps for a breezy, lightweight garment.

Crochet Cropped Sweater

Photo Credit: AXXAEasyPatterns

Crochet Granny square Tops patternCrochet cropped sweater

Discover the DARIA cropped sweater for a modern twist on classic granny square designs. This chic and alluring top is versatile for any occasion, whether it’s a casual day out, an evening event, a beach getaway, or a lively party.

Crafted by AXXA-RSF Designs, the DARIA crop top is a signature piece that effortlessly blends ease and style. Boasting basic stitches and simple silhouettes, it features oversized sleeves and a wide V neckline that can be worn off the shoulders for added flair.

Crochet Halter Top

crochet granny square tops
Photo Credit: ShopDoeandDeer

Crochet Granny square Tops patternCrochet Halter Top

This pattern not only walks you through crafting a square motif top in a standard adult size but also offers guidance on adapting it for smaller or larger sizes.

It’s worth noting that this pattern is designed to be customized to fit your measurements and doesn’t provide specific stitch counts or dimensions.

Crochet Flower Sweater

Blue granny square crochet summer tops with intricate designs
Photo Credit: PeachyTCrafts

Crochet Granny square Tops patternCrochet Flower Sweater

This piece is truly stunning. Candice crafted it for the holiday season, pairing it elegantly with a tank underneath and sleek black pants, resulting in a breathtaking ensemble.

What’s remarkable is that it’s constructed simply from crochet granny squares, seamlessly pieced together to achieve this exquisite look.

Crochet Vest

Cream vest with primary colored granny squares. part of our crochet summer tops
Photo Credit: Maggiescrochet

Crochet Granny square Tops patternCrochet Vest

Depending on the desired size, you may need to adjust the dimensions of the granny squares for the square vest. It’s advisable to create a gauge swatch before commencing the project.

It was super easy to follow and didn’t take too long. It made the cutest 70s inspired vest!”

Crochet Tank Pattern

Photo Credit: rubywebbs

Download Pattern

This is so pretty in the white yarn but you can easily do it in various colors and be set for the summer. You can easily customize it for your size with the detailed instructions

Crochet Top Pattern

Photo Credit:EvelynAndPeter

Download Pattern

This is. so pretty and you can place a shell under it to cover up completely. This would be so pretty with some shorts or a nice pair of pants for a date night.

Everyday Tank Crochet Pattern

Photo credit: HeartHookHome

Download Pattern

You will want one in every color and will want to live in these all summer. Perfect with a pair of shorts or to dress up for a night out. The pattern is straightforward and easy to follow.

​Crochet Granny Square Patterns

Crochet Pattern For Granny Square
Photo Credit:

If you love making granny squares, here are more Crochet granny square patterns to check out.  Some of our favorite patterns are the handbags. The granny square drawstring bag is one of our favorites. 

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