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10 Crochet Earring Patterns

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We saw someone wearing some crochet earring patterns and knew we just had to find a few patterns that our readers would love.

Here are 10 patterns you will love making

Granny Square Earring Pattern

Photo Credit: whistleandivy.com

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I love how simple these are to make. She added a little bead, which I think tops this off so well. These would make great gifts or change up the color for various looks.

Flower Crochet Earring Pattern

Photo credit: handsthatbless.com

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These would be so cute with the crochet top patterns we highlighted. You could do them in multiple colors. They aren’t heavy so if you are wanting a simple pattern that looks stunning, these earrings are perfect.

Crochet Rainbow Earrings

Photo Credit: ACraftyConcept

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These are super cute. They may a cute earring for kids or if you have denim with a solid shirt. I love the fringe but you can always take that off.

Iridiana Earrings

Photo Credit: ChaliasCraft

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We are obsessed with these crochet earring patterns. They are so dainty and sweet and when you change colors you can definitely match them to any outfit. No doubt people will be asking you where you got these when you wear them.

Skull Earrings

Photo Credit: divinedebris.com

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If you are looking for a great pair of earrings for Halloween or simply love skulls, these are a really easy and free pattern to make. This is super cute and fun to make in a weekend.

Crochet Earring Patterns

Photo Credit: ScallopsandShellsbyL

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These crochet earring patterns are so classic. They would be perfect to wear to work, church or a special event. They are super cute and fun to make.

Fringe Earrings

Photo Credit: ItsaCrochetKingdom

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These are simply fun earrings to make and wear. If you love fringe these are the patterns for you. They will work with so many of your outfits and people will be asking how to get a pair. They are great if you are a beginner.

Daisy Earrings

Photo credit: woolpatterns.com/

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These dainty earrings are super cute. They can easily be made by beginners and you can definitely change the flower colors. They are perfect for scrap yarn.

Julia Earrings

Photo Credit: ChaliasCraft

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I love this classic earring. They are pretty and use common crochet stitches so you can easily make them. Make sure and share a photo in the Facebook group if you make them.

Easy Crochet Earring Pattern

Photo credit: ACraftyConcept

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These earrings are dainty but work perfect with any of our summer crochet tops. The two toned earring with the fringe is perfect to mix and match and make several pairs.

I hope you find a few crochet earring patterns you make. There are so many options when you start digging on Pinterest or Etsy. The great thing is you can use your scrap yarn for any of these.

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