6 Best Crochet Pillow Patterns Easy For Your Home

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Hey there, crochet enthusiasts! Are you on the lookout for some fabulous crochet pillow patterns to spruce up your living room or bedroom?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crocheter, we’ve got you covered. 

Our team has meticulously curated a collection of pillow patterns that cater to all skill levels. What’s more, each pattern has been personally reviewed by a member of our team to ensure that you’re getting nothing but the best. 

So, get ready to dive into a world of cozy creativity as we unveil these delightful crochet pillow patterns just for you!

Crochet Supplies

Each pattern will have specific supplies to make your home decor, but here are common supplies for most crochet pillow patterns.

Crochet Pillow Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download pattern: Crochet pillow patterns

When our team saw these patterns, we knew we had to start with these fun pillow. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want one of these beautiful pillow on their bed. She has a complete guide for each pillow. 

Each pillow has a minimum of 9 pages of a PDF with detailed instructions, and some have 12 pages. We found these to be easy crochet pillow patterns and such a unique design for each. 

If you get stuck, she is more than happy to help. Simply give her 24 hours to respond on Etsy. 

Crochet Throw Pillow Pattern

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download crochet pillow patterns: Crochet Throw Pillow Pattern

We love this throw pillow. You can do color changes from the color above and coordinate it with your scheme. It’s such a simple pattern for a square pillow that is the perfect pillow for a couch or chair. 

We used different colors of yarn to this great pattern. It uses basic crochet skills and is such a simple pillow to make.  We made a few to add to our living space. We definitely recommend this crochet pattern. 

Furthermore, we love the modern style when you do a solid color, but you can also use different colored yarn and make it fun and colorful. 

Crochet Pillow Cover

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download crochet pillow patterns: Crochet Pillow Cover

Hey, you’re going to love this crochet cushion cover! It’s crafted from super bulky yarn, specifically the Bernat Chunky True Grey, giving it a cozy and stylish look.

The best part of this is the simple pillow pattern comes with clear written instructions, helpful photos, and even links to private video tutorials to guide you through the beginning rows, special stitches, and finishing off rows. 

Plus, the button-up design makes it super convenient for easy removal when it’s time for cleaning or if you want to switch up the colors for different seasons. Get ready to add a touch of handmade charm to your home decor with this versatile and practical cushion cover!

Our team loved this pattern. Sandy changed out the colors and added some fun, unique buttons, but she loved this pattern. Most of the pattern has simple stitches, but she does use some special stitches, and you may need to watch the video. 

Crochet Throw Pillow

crochet pillow patterns with pom poms
Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download crochet pillow patterns: Crochet Throw Pillow

We loved these crochet cushions and so did our sweet dog Myrtle. She ate the pom poms LOL.  She is definitely in the dog house. 

You’re going to love creating the Firenze Pillow! It’s a wonderfully simple project with a gorgeous edge detail that adds a touch of elegance. 

This pillow will be the perfect addition to any corner of your house, adding a cozy and stylish vibe. The pattern is designed to fit various pillow sizes, from 12”x12” to 20”x20”, and it includes a written PDF with detailed instructions and video tutorials to guide you every step of the way. 

Get ready to bring a touch of handmade beauty into your home with this delightful and versatile crochet throw pillows.

We did it in a neutral color, but we saw where someone did it with multicolored dyed Red Heart Super Saver yarn and man it turned out super cute. 

Crochet Pillow

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download crochet pillow patterns: Crochet Pillow

We love vertical stripes, so of course we had to include pillow cover patterns with them. We love the modern designs and the great thing is it doesn’t take much yarn. Use up any yarn you have leftover from other crochet projects. 

The finished product looks amazing on our bed. I used a few other pillows that were more solid, and then the vertical lines of these cozy crochet pillows bring your eyes to the masterpiece. 

​Additionally, the pattern has 2 different sizes, so you can easily make 2 and add some fun touches to your home decor. It’s the perfect way to add new pillows to change up your decor. 

Once you get one line finished, you will simply do a repeat row, so that makes it easier if you are more of a beginner crocheter.

It also uses basic crochet stitches like slip stitch, double crochet stitches and single crochet stitches. 

Tunisian Crochet Pillow

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download crochet pillow patterns: Tunisian Crochet Pillow

This pattern has got you covered for making both 12″ and 16″ inch covers, so you can choose the size that suits your space best. It’s all in US terminology and involves working in 2 panels that are later seamed together. 

You’ll get to try your hand at some cool Tunisian crochet stitches like the Tunisian simple stitch, full stitch, Tunisian purl stitch, and reverse stitch with a standard return pass. Get ready to dive into some Tunisian crochet fun and create your own stylish and cozy pillow covers!

If you need a quick tutorial on Tunisian crochet we have you covered. This is actually one of my favorite stitches to do.

The key is to do a lot looser than you would think because you need some room to get that hook through as you do a return pass. 

Once you get the hang of it, it’s a simple crochet pillow pattern. This would be a great way to practice your Tunisian stitches. 

We have included 6 patterns, but you will notice when you search Pinterest or Etsy, there are so a good deal of crochet pillow patterns. Our team doesn’t want to overwhelm you, so we try to keep it simple for you. 

If you loved these patterns, then it may be time to move on to another pattern. Here are a few of our favorites when it comes to home decor. 

Crochet Patterns

Crochet Blanket Patterns:

Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Patterns
Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download Crochet Blanket Patterns

Pillows need blankets, right? Here are all the current crochet blanket patterns we have reviewed and have on our website. If you are looking for something in particular let us know in the comments, and we will do our best to help you. 

Bag Crochet Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download Bag Crochet Patterns

We love these crochet bag patterns. Most are for advanced beginner to experienced crocheters. There are a few if you are a brand-new crocheter, although we would recommend mastering the basic stitches before attempting one of these. 

These patterns are super fun to make and no doubt you will get so many compliments when you wear your bag out in public. Don’t be surprised if people want you to create one for them. 

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