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5 Easy Crochet Barbie Doll Pattern Ideas-Delightful Creations

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Did you grow up with a barbie doll? My guess is yes and if you were like us, you made clothes for your Barbie, well today we have 5 Easy Crochet Barbie Doll Pattern ideas your Barbie will love.

I would go into my mom’s sewing room and take a needle and thread and make my doll clothes. Today, we are upgrading her wardrobe with Barbie doll crochet pattern ideas. 

You will love these clothes. We recommend that you are not a very beginner crocheter. Each pattern includes a PDF file from the designer making it a great way to keep up with all your patterns. 

Any little girl in your life, will love these outfits. You can totally customize the clothes for your fashion dolls.  These are fabulous crochet patterns our team has reviewed and have included as notes in each description. 

Crochet Barbie Wedding Dress Pattern

Photo Credit: nightowlcreates

​Pattern PDF: Crochet Barbie Wedding dress pattern

This pattern is a throwback from the 1980’s and comes with detailed instructions. This gorgeous wedding gown includes the wedding dress and bridesmaid dress. You can easily bring it to this year with simply changing up the colors. 

It’s a perfect fit for a 11.5″ doll, but you can always adjust the crochet project if the crochet barbie clothes doesn’t quite fit.  It also includes basic crochet stitches like single crochet and double crochet. 

Susan from our team, had handed down her barbies to her granddaughters which is so sweet. She made these patterns for the dolls, and then they had a simple wedding.  She said the pattern is a step-by-step guide 

Crochet Barbie Dress

Photo Credit: MichelleRatmanDesign

Pattern PDF: Crochet Barbie Dress

Ready to embark on a fun crochet adventure? Let’s create a stunning white acrylic dress for your Barbie Stacie 9-inch doll! Here’s your go-to guide:

Dress your doll in style with this beautiful crochet pattern! Perfect for beginners, this easy-to-follow guide will have your Barbie Stacie looking fabulous in no time.

  • Material: White acrylic yarn
  • Format: Digital download PDF pattern
  • Content: Written pattern only
  • Visuals: One picture included for reference

Note:This pattern doesn’t come with a schematic, but don’t worry – it’s designed to be super beginner-friendly. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can whip up this adorable dress for your doll.

Jackie created this super cute dress for her daughter’s barbie. She used leftover yarn and actually did it in several different colors. 

Crochet Clothes For Barbie Doll

Photo Credit: Dollmeupdesignsco 

Pattern PDF:  Crochet Clothes For Barbie Doll

Barbie will be ready for a night out or going to her favorite concert with this outfit.  The pants include a buckle that you can definitely add some bling to. This outfit doesn’t take much yarn and uses basic crochet stitches. 

Katie reviewed this pattern for us and made the outfit for her niece. Barbie was headed to a Taylor Swift concert and needed a new outfit of course.

Katie added a gold sparkly belt. She did say there was a great guide on about gauges and full color photos to help you with your steps. 

Additionally, she did note, you may want to be more of an experienced crocheter. To get the outfit to work and not fall off, you need to make sure your stitches are even. 

Crochet Ball Gown

Photo Credit: BeACrafterxD

Pattern PDF: Crochet Ball Gown

This ball gown is stunning and makes the perfect addition to a barbie’s wardrobe. Imagine your barbie going to a dance with Ken or maybe make it look like Elsa’s gown with this Barbie . 

Joann made this gown and let her daughter know they were going to Disney and having breakfast with all the princesses. What a super cute idea. She does recommend you use a stitch marker to keep up with your stitches. 

As she said, take your time, choose any color and matching ribbon. Their barbie now has several gowns because every barbie needs a long barbie dress. 

Crochet Bikini Pattern

Photo Credit: Dollmeupdesignsco

Pattern PDF: Crochet Bikini Pattern

Your Barbie will definitely want to be stylish this summer and can be with this Barbie doll crochet pattern. This bikini set is the perfect summer wardrobe addition.  

You can easily use leftover yarn as it only takes a small amount of yarn, and you could add length to the top to make it longer. 

Jessica from our team made a few bikinis for her daughter’s Barbie. She loves pretending they are sunbathing and swimming. Such a fun pattern to make for Barbie dolls. 

We have an entire series of crochet patterns for dolls. If you haven’t checked all the patterns out you can below.

 If you have a favorite Barbie doll crochet pattern we haven’t included let us know in the comments. 

Crochet Dolls

This is a super cute Free Crochet Doll Patterns you can download.
Photo Credit:

Here are the patterns in our crochet dolls series.

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