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10 Easy Free Easter Crochet Patterns That Are Adorable

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We love Easter and knew we needed to find some great free Easter crochet patterns for our crafty crocheters who love easy Easter crochet patterns. 

Our team scoured the internet and found perfect Easter patterns we know you will love.

Each pattern has been reviewed by our team and so without further ado, here are our top 10 picks for free Easter crochet patterns.

​We found some crochet Easter egg patterns we love.  Each one is a free pattern and use basic crochet stitches like single crochet. They are perfect for beginner crocheters or experienced crocheters looking for a quick project.

Crochet Easter Eggs

Photo Credit: desertblossomcrafts.com

See Instructions: Striped Easter Egg

Download PDFStriped Easter Egg

How cute are these Easter eggs. It’s a super easy pattern, and you can easily use scrap yarn to make them.  The blog post includes direction, but for a small fee you can download the PDF which is a great way to keep all your favorite free Easter crochet patterns in 1 place. 

These are the perfect size for an Easter basket or to place on your kitchen table. I made these and added them to an Easter tiered tray with wood and crochet decor. They are super cute. 

Crochet Easter Egg Applique

Photo Credit: goldenlucycrafts.com

See Instructions: Crochet Easter Egg Applique

Download PDFCrochet Easter Egg Applique

Our team loved these Easter egg appliques. Michelle had the cutest idea to use with these. She actually did 2 different things after making this pattern. 

First, she made a sweet dress for her granddaughter and added these applique to the dress. She also included some crochet bunnies and Easter chicks. The dress turned out SO cute. 

She also made a sweet little crochet blanket throw and added the applique to it. The throw is for Easter and sits on the couch for the Spring season.  This easy crochet pattern as you can see is so versatile and the good thing is it uses basic stitches and can be customized with different colors. 

Crochet Easter Egg Patterns

Photo credit: bluestarcrochet.com

See Instructions: Crochet Easter Egg Patterns

Download PDFCrochet Easter Egg Patterns

​We saw these and fell in love hard. These vintage looking Easter egg patterns are adorable. They would be adorable to help with the Easter egg hunt on Easter morning. 

​Additionally, these would make a great Easter gift.  Sarah decided that she was going to make a really fun Easter display on her mantel. She used these Ukranian wooden Easter eggs and then painted a few solid wooded eggs colors and added these crochet Easter egg patterns. They were adorable. 

You could also easily use them as a centerpiece for your Easter Sunday table along with some spring flowers. These would be such a cute addition to your Easter decor. 

Crochet Easter Bunny Patterns

free Easter crochet patterns of bunnies
Photo Credit: thoresbycottage.com

See Instructions: Crochet Easter Bunny Patterns

Download PDFCrochet Easter Bunny Patterns

These bunnies are perfect for a little girl dress or as a coaster. They would make great gifts for Easter and are available in 3 different sizes.  These little bunnies are super adorable.

I am hosting Easter lunch this year and I thought it would be super fun to make one for each guest and that they could take them home. I did pink for girls and grey for boys.  They were the perfect decoration for the table. 

I had fresh flowers in the center of the table and a tiered tray with some of the other items in this blog post. I have to say it’s a great pattern with instructions above.  You will love making these patterns. 

Crochet Tissue Box Cover

photo Credit: jototheworld.com

See Instructions: Crochet Tissue Box Cover

Download PDFCrochet Tissue Box Cover

If you love decorating for Spring, this tissue box cover is super cute. Such a fun design that is unique. It fits any standard size tissue box and can be customized to any color you want.

You can add a tail on the back with faux fur yarn in a white color. This is such a great idea for adding an adorable bunny to your Easter decor. We loved adding this to our Easter crochet projects list. 

Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

free Easter crochet patterns of Easter bunny that is a washcloth
Photo Credit: easycrochet.com

See Instructions: Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

  • Crochet Skill Level:  Beginner
  • Crochet Hook Size: 5 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn Weight:  Lily sugar and Cream Cotton yarn

So Krista designed this super cute Easter bunny pattern. She used it as washcloths with her kids. I love that idea and so I made a few cute bunnies for the bathroom decor. 

I also, though, made them into coasters. Really any washcloth pattern as long as it’s made with cotton yarn that is absorbent can make a great coaster. This was such an easy project, and I LOVE how easy the bunny ears are to make. 

Crochet Chick Pattern

Photo Credit: hookedonpatterns.com

See Instructions: Crochet Chick Pattern

Download PDFCrochet Chick Pattern

These little chicks are such a cute animal crochet pattern.  Kim had bought the pattern and made them for a cute Easter basket pattern she had also made.

​She said the pattern is simple to follow, and it is perfect for Easter decor. You can also add them when finished to a tiered tray with some of the other Easter crochet pattern ideas. 

Get creative with this little guy. Where can you envision him sitting during this time of year.  Maybe even add them to a classic Easter basket for a homemade touch. 

Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

Photo Credit: desertblossomcrafts.com

See Instructions: Crochet Easter Basket Pattern

These Easter baskets are available in 2 different sizes. You can add in your crocheted Easter eggs or use the larger basket to hunt eggs on Easter Sunday. 

The little basket are the right size for a sweet little chick above. So many cute ideas you can do with these baskets.

​Additionally, you will use a puff stitch to make these little baskets. It’s the perfect way to practice puff stitch if you haven’t made many projects with that stitch yet. 

Crochet Easter Basket

Photo Credit: desertblossomcrafts.com

See Instructions: Crochet Easter Basket

Download PDFCrochet Easter Basket

We are calling this a crochet Easter basket, but I honestly keep it out all year long. These tiny baskets can hold jewelry, potpourri, or some flower pedals.  

I made this for my niece, and she put it on a bookshelf and added some really great smelling things to it. We lined it with some plastic to keep the potpourri from going into the yarn, but it’s fine if it does. 

Furthermore, the cross is super adorable and the basket can easily be customized with different colors. It’s a great addition for Easter or your Christian decor.  

The pattern is easy to follow and I love having the PDF because I keep a folder on my computer of crochet patterns for when I am needing some creativity or a quick gift. 

Crochet Wall Hanging

Photo Credit: desertblossomcrafts.com

See Instructions: Crochet Wall Hanging

Download PDFCrochet Wall Hanging

Can I just say I LOVE this wall hanging? It’s so beautiful and was so easy to make. I used our guide on joining yarn as it switched colors. It was an easy way to remember how to do that smoothly.

The wall hanging measures a good size and I didn’t add the fringe as that just isn’t my thing. You do need to know basic crochet stitches like double crochet stitches but overall it’s a great weekend project. 

So many fun free Easter crochet patterns. We have an entire library of Easter Crochet Patterns and would love to share those with you. 

Easter Crochet Patterns

See all Easter Crochet Patterns

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