Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

9 Crochet Baby Hat Patterns: Simple And Perfect Hats

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Are you looking for the perfect crochet baby hat pattern that’s not only adorable but also easy to make? Look no further! We’ve curated a collection of seven delightful crochet baby hat patterns that are suitable for both beginners and experienced crocheters.

 Each pattern has been meticulously crafted and reviewed by a member of our team to ensure that you receive the best and most detailed patterns available.

Crocheting baby hats is not only a wonderful way to showcase your creativity but also a heartwarming gesture to keep the little ones snug and stylish. 

Whether you’re a novice looking to embark on your first crochet project or a seasoned crocheter seeking fresh inspiration, these patterns offer a diverse range of styles and techniques to cater to every skill level.

From classic designs to modern twists, these crochet baby hat patterns have been carefully selected to provide a delightful array of options for crocheters of all levels. 

Each pattern has been meticulously tested and reviewed by our team to ensure that they are not only easy to follow but also yield impeccable results. Whether you’re gifting these hats to loved ones or adding them to your handmade collection, you can trust that these patterns are the best of the best in terms of clarity, detail, and overall appeal.

Without further ado, here are our top 7 patterns we found and reviewed. If you have one you love, make sure and share it in the comments so we can take a look at it and review it. 

Crochet Supplies

Each pattern has specific supplies listed on the post, but there are common supplies that you will need for each and every pattern. 

These fun patterns make the perfect crochet baby hat patterns and remember not all are for 0–3 months or 3–6 months or even 6–12 months but with some creative adjusting you can make them for all different sizes.  You can check out our crochet hat size chart to see sizes and how to adjust patterns. 

Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern

crochet hats for kids with this slouch hat crochet pattern
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Download pattern: Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern

If you love nature and spending time outdoors, this modern design will definitely keep you warm and cozy. The pattern is in English using US terms and includes diagrams and photos to guide you through. 

You should be familiar with chaining, slip stitching, single crochet, half double crochet, front post double crochet, back post double crochet, working in rounds, and increasing.

The sizes range from 6-12 months to teen-adult sizes, and the cowl sizes cover the same age groups. You can find the specific sizes included on the link.

This pattern is perfect for making matching items for the whole family, and it’s ideal for outdoor activities like playing outside, riding snowmobiles, or skiing.

This pattern would make a super cute mommy and me pattern, especially if you are gifting it. Simply make an adult size and baby size and bam you have two gifts we know someone will love. 

Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

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Download pattern: Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

  • Crochet Skill level: Advanced beginner-experienced crocheter
  • Crochet Hook size: 10 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn Weight: Bernat Yarn (best yarn for this project)

You’ll love this adorable teddy bear baby hat pattern for capturing sweet newborn photos or keeping your little one warm in the stroller. Bernat yarn is incredibly soft and makes this an easy project to work on.  The bear ears are adorable and we love you can do it in a variety of colors. 

The crochet newborn hat pattern comes with detailed instructions for the newborn size, and you can choose to make it in soft muted colors or bright shades. It’s perfect for beginners and makes a wonderful gift for a baby shower.

Leslie created this newborn baby hat pattern and mentioned that it only took her about 30 minutes to make. That’s why it’s the perfect simple hat to work on while you’re watching TV. 

Leslie ended up making 20 and donating to her local hospital in the NICU.  She said it’s such an easy crochet hat pattern, whether for a baby girl or baby boy.

Simply contact your local hospital and ask if you are interested in using your skills for a great cause. You could also check with non profits that offer assistance to low income families. Hats are a luxury many times and not a necessity. 

Crochet Earflap Hat

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Download pattern: Crochet Earflap hat

The Earflap Hat features a really cool and easy design. You’ll be crafting the hat, brim, and earflaps all together from the top down.

The textured ribbing adds a nice touch, and you can finish it off with braided ties and a yarn pom pom. If you need help with the pom pom, there are pom pom makers available.

This pattern comes in a range of sizes from 0-3 months to adult, and it’s important to ensure you’re getting 4 double crochet rows and 7 double crochet stitches in a 2-inch square.

Sally, a member of our team, reviewed this pattern. She made 2 for a set of twins in need of crochet toddler hats. Here are her thoughts: “The instructions were spot on and simple to understand. This hat makes for a super cute and fast project. The pattern fits true to size.”

Crochet Beanie Pattern

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Download pattern: Crochet Beanie Pattern

Isn’t this the most adorable beanie pattern? I love the sweet little flowers and leaves on the top of the hat, but you can easily remove them if it’s not your style or if you’re making a hat for a boy.

This pattern uses simple stitches like double crochet and single crochet, and it’s designed for a child size beanie. If you’re comfortable adjusting patterns, you might be able to make larger sizes. You can also refer to our crochet hat size chart for guidance on adjustments.

Tammy, who created the pattern for our team, sent me this email: “The adorable hat came together beautifully, and the flowers turned out great too. I love how the hat looks in her photo, and mine turned out just like hers, which is exactly what I was hoping for!”

Easy Crochet Hat

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Download pattern: Easy Crochet Hat

This pattern offers multiple different colors combination and different sizes, from toddler to adult large, all in one. It’s a simple and detailed pattern with a step-by-step photo tutorial for creating a stylish hat that’s perfect for gifting and staying warm.

You’ll truly enjoy crocheting the Madison hat using this super easy method, and you can complete this crochet project in just a few hours.

This hat is a fantastic everyday accessory with a cool texture, available in a single color or a mix of colors, and finished off with a faux fur pom pom on top.

We’ve made this several times and loved the pattern. You just need to know the head measurement for the person you’re making it for and then follow this easy pattern to finish it off.

Animal Crochet Hat Pattern

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Download pattern: Animal Crochet Hat Pattern

This cute hat is absolutely adorable and perfect for everyday wear or as part of a Halloween costume. You can even crochet the dog in a different color, and you’ll need a tapestry needle to finish off the hat.

Basic crochet skills are required, but if you have any questions, you can easily message the crochet designer for assistance. We believe it’s the ideal winter hat with a playful touch, making it appealing for kids to wear and not want to take off.

Furthermore, it’s a fantastic pattern with a wealth of details. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to create something fun using basic stitches and want more than just a regular crocheted hat.

Crochet Hats For Kids

crochet hats for kids
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Download pattern: Crochet Hats For Kids

At first glance, it might appear complex, but it’s actually a simple pattern where you change the color every row. You’ll use only one color of yarn in each row, and there’s no need to cut the yarn between color changes.

Just imagine this hat in various colors. You can personalize it with your favorite colors and effortlessly turn a ball of yarn into a stylish and fashionable piece. It also utilizes basic crochet stitches, making it the perfect hat pattern to kick start your crochet hat-making journey.

Amy gave this pattern a 10/10 and allowed her kids to choose their favorite colors for their hats. They turned out adorable.

My personal favorite was the brightly colored toddler crochet hat that she made. Her daughter affectionately calls it the princess crochet hat.

We hope you loved our choices for crochet baby hat patterns. Many of the crochet designers include a video tutorial so make sure and if you are confused to ask if they have one. A handmade hat is perfect for a new arrival.  

We made sure each of the patterns have step-by-step instructions and we believe each is such a cute idea that make a great baby shower gift. 

Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

crochet patterns beanie
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Download Pattern: Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

The Brice Beanie is a quick and simple crochet hat pattern that is incredibly enjoyable to create. I discovered that the pattern is straightforward, utilizing basic stitches.

Its uncomplicated stitch pattern makes it ideal for both boys and girls, making it a perfect choice for crafting crochet beanie hats for newborn photo props.

Additionally, it’s a great option for creating charitable donations and heartfelt gifts for your loved ones. You can also make smaller sizes in case you need a hat for a baby born prematurely.

Ribbed Beanie Crochet Pattern

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​Download Pattern: Ribbed beanie crochet pattern

Look no further, because this is the essential addition to your pattern collection – a must-have beanie. It’s not your typical ribbed beanie made solely of half double crochet stitches.

The combination of stitches in this pattern creates a modern ribbed beanie that offers exceptional stretchiness and flexibility in sizing (watch the video clip showcasing its stretchiness).

The beanie’s crown is expertly tapered, ensuring it doesn’t bunch awkwardly. It’s incredibly versatile, allowing you to wear it snugly or with a slouchy fit. Additionally, this design is also available in a matching cowl scarf pattern.

Crochet Hat Patterns

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Here are all of our crochet hat patterns we think you will love. Most have a simple design perfect for any crochet skill level and can be made with your favorite yarns.

Don’t forget to post on social media your completed project. We love seeing what you are creating. 

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