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9 Tunisian Crochet Patterns: Easy And Fun Ideas

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We love Tunisian crochet, and so we have gathered our favorite Tunisian crochet patterns in one place. Our team along with our community have created all the patterns to give a real review of these patterns. 

Most use basic stitches, and we will let you know which ones are more for beginners and intermediate crocheters. We do recommend that you practice the basic stitches before attempting any of these patterns. 

There is a learning curve to Tunisian crochet stitches, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to create beautiful pieces of crocheted pieces that everyone will ooh and aah over when they see it.

Don’t be surprised if you have a ton of requests from family and friends for specific patterns.  Expect to be busy making crochet projects. 

Tunisian Crochet Stitches

If you are new to Tunisian crochet, there are some differences, including not using a regular crochet hook.  It’s a type of crochet that is a mix of knitting and crochet techniques that are super fun to master.  

You will need to learn the basic Tunisian crochet stitches before attempting any of these patterns below. We have the 10 most common stitches, including the Tunisian Simple stitch which is the most common used in many projects, and each includes a video tutorial to help you learn the stitches quickly. 

Don’t forget to grab Tunisian hooks (also called an Afghan hook) to complete one of the great pattern below.

Without further ado, let’s dig into these patterns. Just a reminder that some are definitely more beginner friendly while some are more for intermediate crocheters. 

All of them though you do need to know the basic Tunisian crochet stitches, or you will be frustrated. 

Tunisian Crochet Dishcloth

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download Tutorial: Tunisian crochet dishcloth

Yarn Weight: Cotton Yarn

This was one of the first projects I made after learning the Tunisian stitches. You can easily make them into different sizes, but I like the sizes she had.

She had photo tutorials, and it took just a little bit of time to make it. 

These Tunisian crochet washcloths or dishcloths are the perfect way to implement Tunisian crochet techniques.

I have made several using different colors and had several requests to make some by friends and family. 

Tunisian Crochet Blanket

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download Tutorial: Tunisian Crochet Blanket

Yarn Weight: Worsted Weight Yarn

Kim is our resident blanket maker, and so she used her yarn stash to make a similar cozy blanket.  She made a Tunisian crochet baby blanket from this pattern and said the new parents loved it. 

You will see in the pattern that the color changes happen on the reverse pass, creating a modern, woven look. It is a perfect beginner project after you have mastered new Tunisian crochet stitches. 

Tunisian Crochet Throw

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download Tutorial: Tunisian crochet throw

Yarn Weight: Aran

​When we found this pattern, Lori messaged immediately and said she wanted to create this throw. Here are a few details about this throw.

Most of the throw is crafted using the Tunisian net stitch, with added bobbles on a base of Tunisian simple stitch for a textured effect. 

To prevent curling, a Tunisian honeycomb stitch border is incorporated. The throw begins at the bottom border and concludes with the top border.

The side borders are picked up and worked on, and the finishing touch involves a round of standard double crochet using a regular hook. So you will need your standard crochet hook to finish their throw.

Lori used some really soft colors and her throw turned out beautiful. She loved the pattern. 

Tunisian Crochet Headband

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download tutorial: ​ Tunisian Crochet Headband

Yarn Weight: Worsted Weight

The pattern provides guidance for crafting headbands in various sizes, suitable for newborns to adults. Additionally, it includes instructions for creating three different sizes of flowers. 

This uncomplicated, charming, and easy-to-make headband ear warmer serves both functionality and style, making it an ideal and speedy option for Christmas gifts, birthday presents, or simply as a thoughtful gesture.

Whether for yourself, family, or friends, the possibilities are limitless with a wide range of color choices and embellishments.

Whether you opt for a fancy button or choose to add the flower detailed in the pattern, let your creativity soar and create personalized headbands for everyone in the family.

Jessica made and reviewed this pattern for you. She had made one similar previously using traditional crochet techniques, and she said this pattern took some getting used to using the long hook.

She said it was the perfect pattern for headbands. She loves small projects like this that don’t take a long time to complete. 

Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download tutorial: Tunisian crochet baby blanket

Yarn Weight: Worsted weight

When I finished my dishcloth, I had red and turquoise yarn left over, so I was like ok, let’s challenge ourselves and try making a Tunisian baby blanket.

I actually ended up using it as a throw. The pattern includes step-by-step instruction including photos, which helped me a lot. 

I simply took it slowly and over a few weeks, and I am in love with the colors. I used more of a cream color instead of white because, for some reason, I end up getting white things dirty. 

Tunisian Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download Tutorial: Tunisian crochet tote bag pattern

Yarn Weight: Worsted weight

Mom decided she was going to make this because she loves putting her bible and notebook in a bag when she goes to church or bible study You will use both techniques of forward pass and return pass.  

This has such a beautiful stitch and is a quick project. It uses Tunisian crochet basics in a few different ways.  

She said the pattern had detailed instructions and although it is an extra cost to buy a pattern, she said it was super easy to follow it. 

Tunisian Crochet Hat

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download tutorial: Tunisian crochet hat

Yarn Weight: Worsted weight yarn

Karen created and reviewed this pattern for us. She let me know that it is a great Tunisian crochet pattern with step-by-step instructions. She loved the end result, but did say it was challenging when it comes to Tunisian crochet stitch patterns.

Here’s some information about the pattern: The hat pattern allows for flexibility by using a regular straight crochet hook instead of special hooks.

It employs an Entrelac style, worked one square at a time from the top down, with squares joined by picking up stitches from previously worked ones. 

The pattern is available in four sizes—extra small, small, medium, and large—with measurements provided in the unstretched state, allowing for an additional 2 inches (5 cm) for fit adjustment.

The circumference measurements range from 15 inches (38 cm) for extra small to 20 inches (51 cm) for large. 

The pattern is suitable for utilizing leftover double knitting weight yarn, and if using a single color, one 100g ball (approximately 322 yards/295 meters) is recommended. 

Tunisian knit and purl stitches, along with regular crochet stitches for the brim, are used, and construction diagrams are provided for both left- and right-handed individuals. Basic stitch instructions are included in the Abbreviations section.

Tunisian Crochet Mittens 

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download Tutorial: Tunisian crochet mittens

Yarn Weight: Fingering Weight Yarn

This is definitely not the pattern if this is your first time making a Tunisian crochet pattern. You can easily use a solid color or use multi dyed yarn.

It does use basic techniques, but the shape is a little challenging  but if you have been making projects for a while, it can be a great way to use simple stitches but up your basic skills. 

Several people who have tried these say you will more than likely have to take out a few stitches before you are done but if you remain persistent you can be in a great place with a finished set of mittens.  

There are Facebook groups specific to Tunisian crochet, if you run into problems, stop in there and ask for advice.

If you aren’t sure about the stitches that are in the pattern, you can check out our Tunisian crochet stitches page and get the video tutorial for that particular stitch. 

Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com

Download Tutorial: Tunisian crochet patterns

Yarn weight Baby Sport or #3 yarn

These are 2 gorgeous crochet patterns. There are 2 Tunisian patterns included for a little girl and a little boy. This pattern is precious for a newborn. 

Sara’s daughter is expecting twins, so this was the perfect pattern for her to attempt. Can we just say they turned out so cute, and I am sure the photos will be just as gorgeous?

The pattern is presented in a booklet format, thoughtfully designed with instructional photos throughout.

It encompasses not only detailed instructions but also includes several tutorials. In total, the pattern spans 11 pages, featuring comprehensive stitch instructions for clarity and ease of use.

Many of these patterns use basic crochet stitches and are a great way to practice your Tunisian crochet stitches. Some are great for beginners as they are easy crochet patterns, but some are more for intermediate crocheters. 

Here are more Tunisian crochet patterns on our website.  Make sure you are on our email list because we release the new patterns to our list first. 

Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns
Photo Credit: https://justbcrafty.com/

Download tutorials: Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns

If you aren’t sure you want to invest in this crochet method, these free patterns are a great place to start. Simply check out the Free Tunisian crochet patterns. You will love these patterns.  Our team certainly did.

Tunisian Scarf Patterns

Photo Credit: Etsy.com

Download tutorials: Tunisian scarf patterns

Can I just say I love these scarf Patterns? They are so gorgeous, and we had so much fun making them as a team. Don’t forget to use your longer hook to make them. It will save you some headaches. 

I hope you loved these patterns. Our team works so hard to help you find the best crochet patterns on the internet.

We do ask that you show each designer some love. It takes a ton of time to create the pattern, take photos and create the written pattern. Leaving a comment on their websites is a great way to support them. 

​As part of this community, we hope that if you find a great pattern, you will share it below. We love taking a look at them and adding them to the list when applicable. 

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