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5 Easy Yarn Storage Ideas You Will Want To Check Out

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Storing yarn isn’t just about keeping your strands untangled; it’s a creative process that can enhance your crafting space.  Yarn storage ideas are crucial to knowing what you have on stock and not feeling overwhelmed.

As a knitter, crocheter, or weaver, you understand the importance of having your yarn collection accessible and well-organized. 

Your strands are not just threads; they are the color palette for your next masterpiece, and how you store them can spark inspiration for your future projects.

Finding the best yarn storage ideas is all about balancing functionality and aesthetics. 

Whether you have a dedicated crafting room or you’re working with a cozy corner in your living room, there’s a yarn storage solution out there that’s perfect for your space and your style. 

From clear bins that showcase your colorful skeins to repurposed bookcases that turn your yarn into a decorative display, the options are endless.

Remember, your yarn storage should cater to your workflow. 

Consider how often you reach for certain types of yarn and how you categorize them – by color, material, or project. 

A storage system that simplifies your process can make all the difference, saving you time and keeping the joy in your craft. 

So, let’s dive into the myriad of yarn storage ideas that will keep your supplies tidy and your creativity flowing.

Assessing Your Yarn Storage Needs

Before you invest in storage solutions, it’s important to evaluate both the amount and type of yarn in your collection as these factors directly influence your storage needs.

Yarn Quantity and Space Considerations

Assess Your Collection:

  • Count how much yarn you have; include partial skeins.
  • Categorize by yarn weight: lace, fingering, sport, DK, worsted, bulky, etc.

Space Estimation:

  • Define your available storage space.
  • For small spaces: vertical storage and under-bed containers can be maximized.
  • If you have a lot of yarn or a large collection of yarn: consider multiple storage units or dedicating a closet.

Tables for Estimation:

Yarn WeightNumber of SkeinsStorage Unit Size Required
Lace1-20Small box
Fingering1-20Small box
Sport1-15Medium box
Worsted1-15Medium box
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Yarn Type and Storage Conditions

Natural Fibers:

  • Store your natural fibers in breathable containers to prevent moisture accumulation.
  • Cotton, wool, silk: prone to pests, so consider sealed containers or add cedar blocks.

Yarn Maintenance:

  • Avoid direct sunlight and damp areas to maintain yarn quality.

List of Considerations for Storage:

  • Type of Yarn: Separate rough textures from delicate ones to prevent snagging.
  • Yarn Weight: Heavier yarns at the bottom, lighter ones on top if stacking.
  • Storage Space: Shelving with adjustable heights can accommodate various skein sizes.

Choosing Yarn Storage Ideas

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When organizing your craft space, selecting the right yarn storage solution keeps your materials accessible and your area tidy. From innovative tricks to store-bought systems, you’ll find an option that fits your style and space.

Creative Storage Ideas

Repurposing items like wine racks or vintage cabinets found at thrift stores can add a unique touch to your crafting space. 

Wine racks are perfect for holding skeins and keeping them visible, while vintage cabinets can serve as a charming showcase for your colorful yarn collection.

  • Wine Racks: Transform into a yarn display by slotting in skeins where bottles would go.
  • Vintage Cabinets: Use shelves and drawers to sort and stack yarn.

By thinking outside the box, you can turn everyday objects into a creative yarn storage idea.

Store-Bought Solutions

For something ready-made, craft stores offer a variety of yarn storage solutions.

  • Clear plastic storage bins: Keep your yarn dust-free and easy to see.
  • Hanging closet organizers: An excellent way to save space in smaller crafting areas.

With these solutions, you’ll have a dependable, yet flexible, storage system that can grow with your yarn stash.

DIY Yarn Storage Options

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Your own touches to a DIY yarn storage option can be a great way to personalize your craft area.

  • Wire Baskets: Easily attach to walls to create hanging storage for each ball of yarn.
  • Wooden Crates: Stack to create custom shelving units that fit your space.

Creating your own storage means you can tailor it to the exact dimensions and style you need.

Organizing Your Craft Room

When setting up your craft room, the goal is to create a place where every skein of yarn has a home and is easily reachable whenever you need it. 

Let’s make sure your space is both effective and enjoyable to work in.

Space Optimization

Think of your craft room as a puzzle where every piece needs to fit just right. 

Adjustable shelves are a game-changer; they can be reshaped to accommodate your growing yarn collection or other crafting tools. 

If you’re tight on space, consider converting a closet into a craft closet with shelving units that perfectly fit the dimensions. This way, you take advantage of vertical space and leave more room for your craft table or sewing table.

  • Open Shelving: Ideal for frequent use items, allows for easy visibility and reach.
  • Craft Closet: Utilize doors to hang organizers, maximizing every inch of available space.
  • Stackable Bins: Label clear bins and stack them neatly, making it simple to find what you need without rummaging.

Organization for Accessibility

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For quick access to your materials, sort your yarn by color, fiber, or weight into individual baskets or clear bins. 

Place these on open shelving or use a utility cart that can be moved around as you sit at your craft or sewing table. 

It’s like having a portable storage area that goes wherever you go.

  • Utility Carts: Portability means you can take your supplies anywhere around the room.
  • Individual Baskets: A basket per yarn category keeps your skeins untangled and sorted.
  • Label Everything: Make sure to label shelves, bins, and baskets for a hassle-free search.

Yarn Care and Maintenance

Ensuring your yarn remains in top condition involves protecting it from the elements that could degrade its quality. Proper storage and handling will keep your skeins and balls of yarn ready for your next project.

Avoiding Damage from Sunlight and Moisture

Direct Sunlight: 

  • Store your yarn away from windows or in a closet where sunlight doesn’t reach.
  • Use UV-protective containers if your storage area receives natural light.


  • Store your yarn in a cool, dry place with good air circulation.
  • Consider using silica gel packs in your storage bins to absorb any moisture.
  • Regularly check for any signs of dampness or a musty odor, especially if your storage area is prone to humidity.

Displaying Your Yarn Collection

Organizing your yarn collection doesn’t just keep it tidy, but can also transform your skeins and balls of yarn into a vibrant display. 

Think about how to blend functionality with personal style and the visual appeal of different colors.

Functional Display Options

Shelving with Glass Doors:
For easy access to your yarn while keeping it dust-free, consider a shelving unit with glass doors. 

This allows you to see your yarn arranged by color or weight while protecting it from the elements. A glass-front cabinet is an excellent choice to showcase different colors while maintaining organization.

  • Cube Storage Units:
    Cube storage units are versatile, allowing you to see and reach your yarn quickly. Use baskets or bins within each cube to sort your yarn by type or project.
  • Hanging Closet Organizers:
    These fabric shelves can maximize vertical space in a closet. Place your yarn one shade per shelf to create a color gradient effect.

Decorative Display Ideas

Repurposed Furniture:
Get creative with an old bookcase, dresser, or china hutch. Paint it to complement your room, then stack your yarn with the labels facing outward for an artistic yet tidy look.

  • Wall-Mounted Baskets or Bins:
    Fasten baskets or clear bins to the wall. Arrange your yarns by color and create wall art that’s both beautiful and functional.
  • Glass Jars or Bowls:
    Fill large glass jars or decorative bowls with yarn balls. This adds a pop of color and turns your yarn into a conversation piece.

Innovative Ideas for Small Spaces

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Maximizing your small space for yarn storage doesn’t have to be a headache. You can create a cozy nook for your craft supplies and future projects with a touch of creativity.

Multipurpose Furniture

Your furniture can double as storage with the right pieces. 

Consider a storage ottoman that can hide your yarn away while providing a place to sit or rest your feet. 

Wine cabinets with their cubbies are perfect for keeping skeins organized; repurposing one can add a chic touch to your decor. An old dresser can be transformed into a craft station where drawers serve as space-efficient yarn holders.

  • Ottomans with Storage: Stash your yarn and take a seat.
  • Wine Cabinets: A stylish way to sort and display your colorful yarn skeins.
  • Dresser Drawer Yarn Station: Label each drawer for different types of yarn or colors.

Vertical Storage Tactics

When the floor space is scarce, look up! 

Wall-mounted shelves or pegboards make use of vertical real estate for your yarn and tackle less time spent searching through clutter. 

Attach small baskets or clear bins to a pegboard to separate your yarn by weight or color. 

Alternatively, a hanging closet organizer can turn your little-used closet space into a yarn haven.

  • Wall Shelves: Elevate your yarn with shelves that keep everything visible and within reach.
  • Pegboards: Ideal for a customizable setup; use hooks for yarn holders or hang project bags.
  • Closet Organizers: These fabric shelves can neatly categorize your yarn collection.

Storing Yarn in Living Areas

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Your living area is a prime spot for yarn storage, letting you keep your materials close by while doubling as chic decor. 

With the right approach, your stash can blend seamlessly with your home’s style.

Integrating Yarn Storage with Decor

Vintage Furniture: Scour local thrift stores or flea markets for a vintage cabinet or armoire that can double as a yarn storage unit. 

These pieces add character and a touch of nostalgia while keeping your yarn tidy and dust-free. 

Inside, arrange your yarn by color or fiber type on the shelves, making it easy to find what you need for your next project.

  • Living Room Accents: Consider using decorative baskets or bins that complement your living room decor. A stylish wicker or wire basket on the floor beside your couch or in a bookshelf cubby can be a convenient and unobtrusive place to store yarn. You could also opt for a bold, colorful container that pops against your living room’s color scheme, turning your yarn collection into an artful display.
  • Yarn Storage Cabinets: Invest in a storage piece specifically for your craft supplies. Look for cabinets with transparent doors so you can see your yarn at a glance without having to rummage through everything. Not only does this save time, but it also turns your yarn into a part of the living area’s visual appeal.
  • Multipurpose Furniture: Get the most out of your space with a coffee table or ottoman that has built-in storage. These pieces of furniture offer a hidden compartment to stash your yarn, which is especially useful if you’re tight on space. It keeps your yarn accessible but out of sight, maintaining a clutter-free zone.
  • Display Shelves: If you’re proud of your yarn collection, flaunt it! Mount floating shelves or use a trendy ladder shelf to showcase your skeins. You can organize them by color for a rainbow effect or mix things up for a more eclectic vibe. Not only does it make your yarn easy to access, but it also serves as a vibrant slice of your personality on display.

Tools and Accessories Organization

When it comes to yarn crafts, staying organized is key to keeping your projects moving smoothly. 

Efficient storage solutions for your tools and accessories can make your crafting more enjoyable and productive.

Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks Storage

Knitting Needles
For straight needles, consider using a roll-up pouch that has individual slots for each pair. 

Not only are they compact, but they also prevent needles from getting mixed up or damaged. 

If you prefer something more rigid, a binder with zipper pouches can work wonders. 

You can sort them by size or type and label each pouch accordingly.

  • Roll-up Pouch:
    • Compact
    • Individual slots
  • Binder:
    • Rigid protection
    • Sort by size/type

Crochet Hooks
Crochet hooks are smaller, and a great option for storage is a specially designed case or organizer with elastic loops to hold each hook. 

This keeps them in order and protects the finer hooks from bending. 

Alternatively, for a DIY approach, a pencil box with small dividers can do the trick.

  • Designed Case:
    • Elastic loops
    • Protect fine hooks
  • Pencil Box:
    • DIY solution
    • Small dividers

Current Projects
Balancing multiple projects? Keep them tidy with project bags. 

Each project can live in its own bag with all the necessary needles, hooks, and yarn. 

This way, you won’t mix up tools between projects.

  • Project Bags:
    • One project per bag
    • Easy to swap

Crafting Supplies
For miscellaneous crafting tools like scissors or stitch markers, small containers or tins work well. 

You could even repurpose an old shoe organizer with clear pockets to hang on the back of a door, giving quick access to your assorted supplies.

  • Small Containers:
    • For small tools
    • Portable
  • Shoe Organizer:
    • Repurpose for crafting
    • Clear pockets for visibility

Maximizing Storage with Furniture and Fixtures

When you think about storing your yarn stash, it’s not just about tucking it away—you want easy access and a bit of visual flair too.

Using Existing Furniture for Storage

Your own yarn deserves a spot that’s as colorful and cozy as it is. 

Existing furniture like the square arm of a couch can be a nifty place for skeins you frequently use. 

Bookshelves aren’t only for novels; they make great homes for your yarn. 

Sort your yarn by weight or perfect color–arrange them on the shelves so your next new project is just an arm’s reach away.

  • Cabinets and drawers: A vintage cabinet can offer a brilliant and stylish solution. 
  • Wardrobes and closets: By installing hanging shelves or stacking clear bins, you can turn any closet space into a yarn oasis.

Efficiency Tips for Yarn Storage

When it comes to storing your yarn, the right strategies can save you a ton of time. 

Let’s dive into some of the best ways to keep your collection organized and accessible.

Time-Saving Storage Hacks

Use Clear Bins for Visibility

Swap out opaque containers for clear bins so you can instantly locate the color or material you need. 

By seeing exactly what you have, you can grab your yarn without wasting time digging through a pile.

Hang Yarn on a Wall-Mounted Pegboard

A pegboard offers superb organization while turning your yarn collection into wall art. 

Hook skeins or balls of yarn onto pegs for easy access and an eye-catching display.

Invest in a Yarn Bowl

Keep a yarn bowl nearby your crafting area to prevent balls from rolling away. 

It’s an attractive and practical tip to keep your yarn tangle-free and ready to use.

Label Everything

If you’re using containers or drawers, label them with the yarn’s weight, fiber content, or color. 

This little bit of effort upfront saves time when searching for the perfect yarn later.

Use a Binder for Leftover Yarn

For scrap yarn, consider slipping them into a binder with clear zip pouches. 

This keeps your leftover pieces tidy and prevents them from getting entangled with your main stash.

Maximizing Craft Supply Storage

How to read yarn labels
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When it comes to your craft room, keeping your supplies tidy and accessible can really boost your creativity. 

Let’s focus on how to best organize those colorful balls of yarn and other craft essentials.

Craft Room Clear-Out Strategies

Before you even think about storage, take a moment to declutter. 

Scrutinize your stash; if there’s yarn you haven’t touched in ages, it might be time to donate or repurpose it.

  • Inventory Assessment: List your supplies to identify what you have. Sort your yarn and craft supplies by color, type, or project.CategoryItems IncludedYarnBalls of yarn, leftovers, skeinsTools & NotionsNeedles, hooks, scissors, tape measuresProjectsCurrent WIPs, patterns, notes
  • Divide and Conquer: Use clear bins for easy visibility and label them clearly. You can organize your balls of yarn by various sizes or color. With labeled bins, you’ll find what you need at a glance.
    • For balls of yarn of various sizes, stackable clear bins can work wonders.
    • Labeled Bins: Sharpie + masking tape = a simple labeling system. Alternatively, invest in a label maker for a neater look.
  • Organization Ideas: Blend utility with style:
    • Plastic Drawers: Assign drawers by project or yarn weight. See-through versions prevent you from opening every drawer to find your softest ball of yarn.
    • Utility Carts: They’re not just for tools! A rolling cart can be a movable feast of yarn, perfect for when you work in different spaces.
    • Consider tension rods between shelves for an innovative way to store yarn skeins.

Final Thoughts

Storing your yarn stash is no trivial feat, especially if you’ve spent the past year amassing quite the collection.

Now, for a little full disclosure: tucking away those smaller skeins and hefty balls of yarn doesn’t have to eat up a lot of floor space.

  • Think vertically: Shelving units can be your best friends. They’re a great way to keep yarn visible and within reach.
  • Baskets and bins: If you’ve scoped out a couple of different areas, mix and match storage solutions to fit the space.

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