green doily with cream edging and Easter eggs in middle of easter doily

5 Easter Doily Patterns Easy To Crochet

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These 5 Easter doily patterns are super fun to crochet. They are perfect for your table or add to a tiered tray with your other Easter crochet patterns.

Let’s take a look at the 5 patterns and find the perfect Easter doily pattern for your decor.

Easter Doily Pattern

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Download Easter Doily Pattern

I saw this pattern and thought it would be so cute on my table. I added a vase of flowers to the middle and it is super cute.

The pattern is written in photos and symbols and Hanna the designer is great at helping if you need some help via Etsy messenger.

I loved that someone used it with Christmas colors and turned the eggs into bulbs. Such a great idea.

Easter Egg Doily

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Download Easter Egg Doily

This is such a cute doily. With the Easter egg shape and the cute bunny and flowers, this is super cute and fun to make.

There are approximately 200 rows in this pattern so it will take you some time to complete. I love the possibility of this pattern. I did my egg in a cream color but I could see doing it in a light green or blue color.

Easter Doily

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Download Easter Doily

I love the colors of this Easter Doily Pattern. The pattern is easy to read and so much fun to make.

Kim completed this pattern for our team, and it turned out so cute. She did it similar to the pattern and put it on her table.

Her grandkids ended up naming all of the bunnies. It’s beautiful with a vase of flowers in the middle.

It’s the perfect addition to your Easter crochet patterns library.

Crochet Doily Placemat

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Download Crochet doily placemat

When we are looking for patterns, I will give the jest of what I am looking for and ask our team to search Etsy.

Mara came across these 8 place mat patterns and asked if we could include them. Well of course.

The pattern is easy to follow and with 8 patterns, you can easily make a set for your Easter table for brunch or lunch.

This Easter doily pattern is simple to make and fun to show off your crochet skills for your friends and family.

Easter Doily Crochet Pattern

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Download Easter doily crochet pattern

Jessica messaged me with this find. She loves more vintage-looking crochet patterns and this one definitely fits the bill.

It is gorgeous, and she had a blast making it. She said it was simple to follow and that Kathy designed a beautiful pattern.

You can easily change the colors if you prefer brighter colors or if you are more like Jessica, these colors are perfect.

I hope you found at least 1 Easter doily pattern to make. These are perfect for your own home decor or to give as gifts.

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