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Zig Zag Crochet Stitch: Video and Written Tutorial

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The zig zag crochet stitch is a versatile and dynamic pattern that adds a playful texture to a variety of crochet projects. This stitch, commonly found in chevron afghans, ripple blankets, and stylish scarves, works up with a rhythmic motion that can be relaxing once you get the hang of it.

If you’re looking to add some visual interest to your crochet work, the zig zag pattern is an excellent choice, creating peaks and valleys that are visually appealing and pleasantly tactile.

To start incorporating the zig zag stitch into your projects, you’ll need to have a grasp on a few basic stitches. Typically, these include the chain stitches, single crochet, double crochet, and sometimes the treble crochet, depending on the pattern complexity. 

These foundational stitches are the building blocks for the zig zag pattern, and mastering them is essential for a neat and consistent result.

Fortunately, there are many free crochet patterns and stitch tutorials available to guide you through the process. 

These resources provide step-by-step instructions and often include pictures or videos, making it easier to understand the intricacies of the stitch.

As you become more comfortable with the zig zag crochet stitch, you’ll find that it lends itself to creative variations and color combinations, offering endless possibilities for personalization in your crochet endeavors.

Getting Started With Zig Zag Crochet

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Video Tutorial: Zig Zag Crochet Stitch

Embarking on your zig zag crochet adventure, you will learn about the fundamental stitch patterns and choose the right tools and materials to begin your project.

Understanding the Basics

In zig zag crochet, the foundational element is the foundation chain. This chain acts as the base for your entire piece.

You’ll create peaks and valleys, known as the chevron pattern, by strategically increasing and decreasing stitches. 

To start, you’ll need to be comfortable with making a foundation row and the single crochet stitch, as both are crucial to forming the zig zag pattern. You can check out this YouTube Channel for a video tutorial

Choosing Your Tools and Materials

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Crochet Hook:A crochet hook of the appropriate size is essential. For most zig zag crochet projects, a 5 mm crochet hook is a good starting point, but always check your yarn label for recommendations.

Yarn:Select yarn that complements your hook size. A medium-weight yarn often works well with a 5 mm hook.

Tools and Materials List:

  • Crochet Hook: 5 mm
  • Yarn: Medium weight recommended (Worsted Weight Yarn)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
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Advanced Zig Zag Crochet Stitch Techniques

The zig zag stitch is a classic in crochet that you can take to the next level with these advanced techniques. You’ll learn how to add texture with the puff stitch and how to play with colors and sizes for a unique touch.

Mastering the Zig Zag Puff Stitch

The Zig Zag Puff Stitch adds a delightful dimension to your crochet work. This is more of an advanced beginner skill level but if you are brand new take the time to learn this fun stitch. 

Begin by yarn over (YO) and insert your hook into the specified stitch. 

YO and pull up a loop to a height similar to a double crochet (DC), then YO and insert your hook back into the same stitch. You’ll want to repeat this until you have seven loops on your hook.

Finally, YO and pull through all seven loops, then secure the work puff with a chain stitch (CH). 

  • Yarn Over: Add extra texture and fullness.
  • Loop Pull-Up: Aim for the height of a DC to maintain uniformity.
  • Seven Loops on Hook: This creates the full puff.
  • Secure with CH: This defines the puff and sets it apart from other stitches.

Use this technique in different sizes by changing your hook size or yarn weight. This will give your project a little different look.

To enhance the Zig Zag Puff Stitches, work with different colors by adding a new shade at the end of each row or within the same row for stripes or a speckled effect. Practice maintaining even tension to keep your puffs consistent.

Creating Variations in Your Zig Zag Design

Experimenting with different colors in your ZigZag designs results in unique and eye-catching finished product pieces. 

Introduce new colors by changing yarns at the end of a row or in the middle for an unexpected pop. 

For a harmonious look, choose colors that blend well together or opt for a contrast color to make your design stand out.

Change the size of your Zig Zag by altering the number of double crochet stitches between the peaks and valleys. 

A larger number increases the width of the zig zag, while a smaller number makes it more narrow.

  • For a broader zig zag: Increase the number of DC stitches.
  • For a sharper zig zag: Decrease the number of DC stitches.

Practice these techniques with consistency to enhance your crochet projects with sophisticated variations of the Zig Zag stitch.

The zig zag crochet stitch is just one type of crochet stitches. We have an entire library of crochet stitch tutorials to help you create a great project. Here are a few of our favorites.

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